Engaging citizens at the heart of power — three challenges

The Old Way: Democracy expected everyone to answer questions that they might not know much about, leading to them essentially guessing at the answer. With this “wisdom of the crowds” approach, at best, the outcome of any vote would result in a statistically average outcome.

The New Way: Government will ask everyone the sorts of questions that they are uniquely qualified to offer high quality answers to — such as “What are resources do you most need help getting, for you to be able to pursue your most meaningful dreams of creation and exploration on Earth, and beyond?” and “What resources do you need help expressing and/or eliminating from your life, so that you can become more enlightened (literally and metaphorically)?”

How and Why?: Now that we have the capacity to collect and analyze massive amounts of detailed personal data about resource needs and offers, and allowing individuals to prioritize their own, unique, needs, in real time, we can turn a competitive form of governance into a collaborative one! Using technology such as content aware search functions and a well designed sorting system (using the mathematical structure of Pascal’s triangle as a way to see relationships between all possible combinations of matter and energy), with a healthy feedback system, government can solve nearly all problems with an algorithm. (Thus freeing up humans to play and discover and achieve a truly global, non-discrimanatory, era of Enlightemnent.)

TL;DR: Getting everyone to participate in the growth of the world by asking them the important questions that they are most expert at answering — what they most want and most need to get rid of — offers a real opportunity to make precise decisions about where to direct resources in ways that improve everyone’s ability to make valuable contributions to society, which is, ultimately the entire purpose of government, is it not?

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