Airbnb is the New Jim Crow

by Harry P. Chavez and Sean Joseph Watson

Who owned this place? Otto Warmbier? Source: MetroUK

In our latest hard-hitting story, we expose Airbnb as another tool that white supremacists use to bully minorities and force them out onto the street. Sean Joseph Watson and Harry P. Chavez discuss this emerging pillar of institutionalized racism.

Watson: Damn, Donald Trump strikes again! Did Steve Bannon take over Airbnb or something?

Chavez: What we have feared since November 9th, 2016, has come true! Hate and prejudice have been mainstreamed! Trump has opened the floodgates! When Obama was in the White House, these kinds of disgusting people would have thought twice about kicking a woman out into the cold because of her race… but now that Drumpf runs the show, people feel they have carte blanche to be as openly racist as possible!

Watson: To say that Donald Trump is not responsible for this is a lie! He has enabled the racial prejudices of Amerikkka! The fact that he has not come out and condemned this action just shows how utterly racist he is! If he truly cared about minorities, he would have come out and denounced the Airbnb host, or at least post one of his “Sad!” tweets! He is the President of the United States! I don’t want to hear shit about oh how he’s so busy. He needs to make the time to speak out against this instead of playing golf in Florida or some shit.

Chavez: You make such a good point my friend! For such an “America First!” President, he sure found a lot of time to tweet about a British baby! Then again, your Mr. Guard is white, and we all know that the world must stop so that we can pay attention to the plight of a white child!!! While his attention is being showered on a child that isn’t even American, a young Asianx person is quite literally left on the side of the road, in the snow, with nowhere to go.

If “you” are white. Source: The Verge

Watson: An Asianx-American woman! Oh, I guess the “Asianx” part disqualifies the American part? After all, this is Trump’s Amerikkka, and our President is someone who couldn’t believe a black man like Obama is American.

Chavez: It obviously must! A person that has lived in this country since they were three years old has their citizenship, as well as all the rights that come with it, basically stripped from them because of their race. Dyne Suh paid all the fees, was basically almost to the cabin that she had rightfully and lawfully rented, only to be told that because they are Asianx, they need to turn around and go home. The only way the night could have gone worse would be if a racist pig cop had shot her!

Watson: Speak of the white devil!

Chavez: Welcome to Trump’s Amerikkka!!! Where whites are fighting like cornered wild animals to preserve their spot at the top of the social hierarchy!! They’ll kick you out of a rented home, shoot you, do whatever it takes to show that whites still run things!! And we’re only 6 months in!! Sadly, things will probably only get worse from here.

Watson: The Caucaity! They always claim to be afraid, whether it is an Asian law student who just wants a place to stay or an Asianx man running around with the dangerous weapon known as a “pen.” Not gonna lie, #WhiteFragility is more toxic than #MasculinitySoFragile !

Chavez: Just think if this was the other way around! If the homeowner was Asianx and the renter was white, the media would still be talking about this story 8 days later! Since the renter is a minority, it gets a mention in the LA Times, a mid-major newspaper and is immediately forgotten. The W.O.K.E Collective does not forget as easily, we know Airbnb’s racist past! This isn’t the first time that Airbnb has been used as a club to further beat down oppressed minorities in this country.

Watson: No we do not! If it was the other way around, we would not hear the end of it from all the Beckys and Chads, especially the ones in politics. Airbnb is a completely racist institution and is in dire need of a WOKE UP CALL!

You know racism is everywhere when you have to take time in your day to protest an app. Source: DiversityInc

Chavez: Dyne Suh, Stefan Grant, Sibahle Nkumbi, we hear your voices and we add our own to your cries for equality and justice!!

Watson: We will not let wypipo cover up your stories!

Chavez: Have you heard about the case of Stefan Grant? It is the classic tale of the white oppressor calling the cops on “uppity” black people that he does not think should be in the neighborhood. Because obviously any African Americans in a rich, white, neighborhood must be there to steal things!!

Watson: Wypipo not only took his money, but then tried to call the cops on him when he tries to use what he paid for? Sounds like the typical white imperialist way! Isn’t that white history all around the world, in a nutshell? Just look at places like the Philippines, India, Africa, and Latin America.

Chavez: Sometimes I find myself pondering the awesome advances in technology that have come about in just the last few years. In many ways, technology makes our lives easier, but even as we advance forward technologically our mindset as a species stays the same. We create things that make white lives easier, things that they can use as a weapon against the “other”. Silicon Valley is a very white place, and as progressive as they say they are, they’re still white people looking out for other white people.

Watson: Very true. You would think that given how prevalent Asians are in tech that they would try to prevent such incidents, but 🤷🏼

White blight. Source: Medium

Chavez: I’m sure some Asianx people like to get all cuddly with wypipo in hopes that they’ll be considered white too!! They don’t understand that as soon as their work visa is up, they’re gone! Just like how the Vichy French got close to the Nazis in hope of better treatment, as soon as the going got tough, they were on their own. Any Asianx people that think they can be considered “honorary whites” are misguided, as soon as their usefulness is up, they’ll be tossed away like a worn out tool.

Watson: And not even allowed to rent their home even if you have the money! Meanwhile they target you like the worst of predators for their most base desires. Can’t be surprised though, given white people’s unforgivable track record when they visit foreign countries (see the histories of Latin America, Africa, India, Philippines, etc.).

Chavez: Amerikkka truly has turned into an apartheid nation under Trump! The government and big business have decided that this is a white man’s world! When a POC cannot even make a buck off of opening their homes to put a roof over a stranger’s head, we’ve truly reverted back to a time where a black man’s place is hanging from a tree!

Watson: And then they have the nerve to mooch off minorities. They won’t let us stay at their places, but then they expect us to give them money so they can have lodging when they’re on vacations they couldn’t afford? GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GET A JOB, WYPIPO! STOP BEING MOOCHERS! STOP ASKING FOR HANDOUTS, YOU FUCKING WELFARE QUEENS!

Welfare Queens. Source: Twitter

Chavez: Everything is never enough for them! After exploiting the labor of minorities for centuries to build their empires, they just can’t help but try to eek out a bit more!

Watson: And then they leave behind a wasteland known as flyover country.

Chavez: Their derelict factories and abandoned ghost towns will serve as temples of their hubris! Wypipo can try to maintain the status quo as much as they want, but they cannot stop the inevitable! The future is diverse, they can kick as many Asianx people out of their houses as they want, but progress cannot be halted! We are always moving forward, together!

Watson: The future is diverse! The future is female (and not just cis)! Not too long from now, they will be begging US to stay at our houses for vacation! And we will say no, because one word says it all: White.

Chavez: Trump is the last gasp of a dying species. White people will soon enough know what it is like to be a minority!

Watson: And that is because we had Trump!

Chavez: Soon enough, POC won’t have to fear for their lives and safety while traveling. Soon enough, we’ll be able to rest our heads wherever we please! No longer will we have to stay away from certain areas out of fear of white violence!

I love how he went with the “someone is sticking something up my ass” expression for his profile pic. Source: TheGrio

Watson: And food will be better, no more bland potato salad and low fat kale mayo on toast and unseasoned chicken and whatever the fuck else wypipo eat. No longer will we be forced, in proverbial chains, to only eat at chain restaurants like Applebee’s*, just so we don’t risk being harassed by That Chad/That Becky!

Chavez: No more fear! No more hatred! No more Chad and no more Becky! ✊

Watson: And Chad and Becky will finally “sit down, be humble” as Kendrick Lamar would say. ✊

*We were not paid by any competitors of Applebee’s to make that statement. However, we would gladly take payment or gift certificates from such establishments in exchange for being designated as a safe space for POC.

We hope you came away more woke after reading this. Stay tuned for our next articles, and feel free to read our old articles, too!