Otto Warmbier’s Death Is That Moment We All Were North Korea

White Privilege vs The Rest of Us. Source:Express

Otto Warmbier, a student held by the North Korean government for over a year, died a couple days ago. His death on the world stage marks the first time in recent memory that white privilege failed to work in a man’s favor. Sean Joseph Watson and Harry P. Chavez analyze what this means for the future of world peace.

Chavez: Who would have thought that one of the preeminent fighters for equality and racial justice would be Kim Jong Un? His stand against white privilege was, dare I say, inspirational!

Watson: It felt like the vindication that I needed to have for so long! Given the recent death of Philando Castile and countless others at the hands of white hate, while seeing the Brock Turners of the world doing whatever they want, it was great to finally see someone punished without regard for the color of their skin.

I’ll drink a gallon of warm beer before I ever give a single fuck about Warmbier!”

Chavez: When you watch the news and see black and brown bodies savaged by the white-led patriarchy, you begin to wonder how everyone would feel if a white person was treated the same way as our POC brothers and sisters!

Watson: Exactly. Zero. Fucks. Given. And I’m loving the saltiness of white tears I’m drinking. Seeing a thug punished for committing a crime…. Oh, why didn’t he just comply with law enforcement? Maybe if he just followed the law, none of this would happen! 😂 I’ll drink a gallon of warm beer before I ever give a single fuck about Warmbier!

Our drink tonight. Source: Aggravated Youth

Chavez: Exactly! When black men especially are murdered even when following the law or for the smallest infractions, it’s ironic that Otto would be arrested for stealing a poster! Mike Brown was murdered over cigarillos… it’s about time our oppressors experience how that feels!

Watson: And Eric Garner for selling loosies! Where was the outrage from people over that? Wasn’t that man someone who lost his life over a frivolous crime, too? Where is the President on that?

Even with the world against him, Kim Jong Un is saying NO to the white patriarchy and white privilege!”

Chavez: But now that it’s a clean cut fray boy, Cheetolini wants to start a war! What POC or LGBTQUIA2S+ person would Trump threaten war over? Not a damn one, that’s for sure! Otto probably tried to exert his toxic masculinity over a prison guard, who then rightfully socked him one, and now Drumpf is flying nukes over the Korean peninsula!

Watson: You bring up an excellent point. My heart is truly weeping for the people of North Korea, for they may soon feel what it’s like to live under a white cis patriarchy that doesn’t care about people of color. All because of a childish frat-boy prank. If only Mx. Warmbier had better parenting at home! 🤣

A brutal thug getting what he deserved. Source: euronews

Chavez: Which is all the more reason why we must amplify the message Kim Jong Un is sending us! The rest of the world is trying to cut off North Korea, make the country suffer, because they chose a socialist revolution over the vulture capitalism we have here. Just like with Cuba, they think they can starve people into “democracy.” Even with the world against him, Kim Jong Un is saying NO to the white patriarchy and white privilege! He’s saying NEVER AGAIN to the manifest destiny, “I can take what I want from minorities and POC” attitude of the white oppressors!

Watson: He’s more courageous than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ever were, that’s for sure, with their emphasis on respectability politics and listening to the “other side.” This is why you never hear of people of color hearing racial slurs or women getting cat calls in North Korea, because Kim Jong Un ain’t got no time for that! And neither should anyone else, especially POC, women, LGBTQUIA2S+, and the disabled!

The face of a man who just realized his whiteness won’t save him. Source: USA Today

Chavez: I fight every day for human rights and equality, and nearly every day you hear so many horrid tales in the of human rights abuses and threatening gestures from the North Korean government. So when you also hear about how the North Korean government protects womyn. When you see for yourself how they totally get things right when it comes to racial justice, how they stripped Otto Warmbier of the protection afforded to him by his being a member of the white ruling class. It really makes you start to doubt the narrative that pretty much every major news website and Nazi racist alt-right blog have agreed upon.

They can either help end this oppression or they can sit the fuck down, unless they want an injury to the head like Richard Spencer or Otto Warmbier!”

Watson: It’s something that all children need to see, especially children of color. That it is possible to have a society where you are not judged by the color of your skin but by the content of your character. Otto Warmbier was punished despite being white, straight, male, and going to a prestigious school. Meanwhile, people who obey the laws while in North Korea do not have to fear punishment at the whims of the police. A society where you don’t have to walk outside fearing you’ll get shot by a policeman because you have black or brown skin. Plus marijuana is legal as hell there. Sounds to me like North Korea is way more woke than the United States of Amerikkka!

Chavez: If only it were the most oppressed voices on the world stage that made it onto the front page of the New York Times! If the western world saw the world through the lens of an oppressed country, maybe the bigots in the west would start to sing a different tune! But no, we’ll just continue to get the same war mongering headlines at the newsstand!

Watson: That is what happens when you have a media that cares more about protecting their privilege and less about diverse voices! People like that need to realize that with what just happened to Otto Warmbier, their privilege is crumbling! They can either help end this oppression or they can sit the fuck down unless they want an injury to the head like Richard Spencer or Otto Warmbier! 👊

Chavez: Hell yeah! The bigots and nazis and haters had better realize that the world is wising up to and rising against the game of oppression they’re playing! ✊

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