Our BRUTAL Reviews of Infowars Life Supplements Part IV: SUPER MALE VITALITY

Alex Jones is a hell of a performance artist. Source:The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube

This is the supplement we wanted to try the most. Years of living in the Occupied States of America, where we are bombarded by GMO poison, chemtrails, and harmful rays from virtue signals on a daily basis, had left our bodies depleted of the proper amount of hormones our male bodies need. Really, it’s the millenial malaise for anyone who’s PGP is “he” (for those who prefer “she,” there is Super Female Vitality). Read on to find out if we were ever able to transcend the globalist plane of existence and see the stratosphere of WOKE!

TRIGGER WARNING:Beta cucks might find such expressions of raw WOKE Alpha-male power and vitality too much to handle. Do not absorb the content of this article with tap water or trendies.

Chavez: 1776 can commence again only if you have vitality….

Watson: And that is why I took advantage of this sale:

#WATTBA. Source: Infowars Store

Chavez: If only my body could be as battle-ready as Alex Jones’… you can tell he’s so ready to fight the INFOWAR! He’s definitely “bear mode” as 4Chan says…

Watson: I remember him saying that Super Male Vitality is pretty potent stuff. He doesn’t need much of it to maintain his beastly level of hormones.

Chavez: It’s not weak, that’s for damn sure. I’d rank it second in efficacy after brain force. The taste was like a bunch of herbs mixed with sugar, but damn did it give a boost!

Watson: From the first drop of Super Male, I knew right away. 9/11 was an inside job.

Chavez: And the damn Rothschild clan, with their iron grip over all the banks…I was privy to their machinations from the first dose!

Watson: Don’t forget the beta males at the Rockefellers, who control the world via the pedo ring known as the United Nations.

Chavez: Are they the ones running shit in Haiti with the Clintons? I definitely need to re-up my brain force… I’m already losing sight of the enemy!

Watson: Just like Trump, with his recent appeasement of neocons that has divided the Infowars camp.

The America that Trump abandoned. When will they lock her up? Furthermore, is this trio by the border? Source: Reddit

Chavez: The foul tendrils of the banksters have an iron grip on their little political pets! The various roots and barks in Super Male Vitality have cast off the shroud covering my eyes, blinding me to the truth!

Watson: It was a premium blend that left me woke for half a day, until my next dose of Super Male. Crazy that you have to take it twice a day.

Chavez: The second dose is clutch, just when you want to take a rest, stop fighting the INFOWAR… you take another couple droppers and BOOM, you’re back on the front lines! I think it is too packed with WOKE for you to be able to take it all in one dose! If you become too woke, you might just skip past the “Red Pill”… and that’s uncharted WOKE territory! It’s also GMO-free, so no genetic modification turning you into a lizard demon!

Watson: So you won’t become a chimera! And don’t forget, there’s no fluoridated water in it either!

Chavez: I heard on “Coast to Coast AM” one morning that the fluoride in water is actually industrial waste! I was about to doubt the credentials of the non-scientist they had on the program, but the super male vitality and brain force helped me see past his lack of qualifications!


Chavez: He speaks the TRUTH, that is why they hate him, that is why they deride him! Alex Jones maintains his audience in spite of an unprecedented onslaught from the mainstream media, but they will not keep him down, they cannot steal his megaphone!!!

Watson: All they can do is get a bunch of corny actors to act out poorly written plots that take cheap shots at Alex Jones! You see what Alec Baldwin did?

Alec Baldwin’s act of war against all Infowarriors. Source: Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Chavez: When Booker T. Washington said he wanted to educate African Americans and have them graduate college like their white brethren, they laughed at him too! Those that dare to speak what they don’t want you to say, or those that do what others say cannot be done will be ridiculed! Alex Jones is speaking the truth, so every weapon in the globalist-media complex will be brought to bear against him!

Watson: He’s really Public Enemy No. 1! They want to silence him by belittling and delegitimizing him! And he gets it from all sides, whether it’s redcoats like Piers Morgan or homophobic bullies like Stephen Colbert!

Chavez: Alex Jones calls for us to be the best alpha male we can be, while the globalists preach that masculinity is “toxic”. Jones wants to raise up a generation of strong patriots, not chicken tendie-eating “nu-male” weaklings!

Watson: And the best these beta-bullies can do is falsely accuse Alex Jones of being racist. He’s not a racist! He has a Korean sister for God’s sake! Furthermore, that beta male Alec Baldwin would totally lose in a fight with Alex Jones, wouldn’t you agree?

Chavez: Without a doubt!! A man who takes on the WORLD by calling out the globalist scum versus a guy who gets paid handsomely to act like a dickhead on Saturday nights…. I definitely think Mr. Jones would win handily, he is just too vitalized!

BRING IT ALEC BALDWIN, BRING IT!!!! Source: Alex Jones Memes on Facebook

Watson: Totally! No one could beat Alex Jones in a fight, whether it’s Alec Baldwin, Bill O’Reilly, or even the most evil man of all. It hurts me to even say his name. Destroyer of nations, the man who sucks humanity’s life essence. Just looking at his picture makes me 😨.

Nothing triggers Alex Jones more than George Soros. Humanity needs a safe space from that wicked man. Source: The INFOWAR Armory on YouTube

Chavez: That fuckin’ Emperor Palpatine look-alike! He flies into other countries promising an “open society”, but only works to bundle up every free country with a globalist bow and deliver them to the table of the illuminati! The only “open society” I want is an OPENLY ARMED society! I am of the same mind as the glorious President Duterte of The Philippines, there should be a cash reward for handing Soros over to the authorities!

Watson: The world would be better for it! He is destabilizing the world, whether it is through MoveOn.org, financing that cuck Jared Kushner, working with Nazis, or funding Chobani Yogurt….

Chavez: He’ll even fuck with our live and active cultures… will he stop at anything?!?

Harry P. Chavez getting triggered by Chobani Yogurt. Source: Winston-Salem Journal

Watson: It is typical New World Order! Destroy all culture, all humanity, all in service of evil and their Satanic blood rituals!

Chavez: All the more reason why we alpha males need to be as vitalized as ever!


Chavez: And the Bilderburg group!


Chavez: They’ll be the first to go on the day of the rope! 1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN! …sorry, had a bit of a WOKE flare-up there!

Watson: Yes! Don’t apologize! I’m not even on the Super Male Vitality right now and thinking about those globalists just….

Chavez: It gets you all worked up, right? We thought the world was a happy place, but we’ve been duped every step of the way by those soul-sucking globalists!


The burning rage within Sean Joseph Watson on Super Male Vitality was strong like George Soros weed. Source: Before It’s News

Chavez: You want to take on the world! But you’ve still got to relax, if you’re fighting the INFOWAR 24/7, even with vitality, you’re gonna get burnt out! So that begs the question, are dabs woke? There seems to be a lot of Alex Jones and weed-related memes out there…

Alex Jones looking stylish AF. Take that, Cenk Uygur! Source: Moddb.com

Watson: Well, it’s good to use weed every now and then, you know, in order to test its potency. Same way law enforcement does it.

Chavez: The Science March on April 22 definitely drove home the importance of scientific testing methods!

Watson: Very true! How else were we to know that George Soros has been altering the potency of the weed that is out there!

Chavez: Soros… he’s the worst of them all!

Watson: He is against humanity! Alex Jones says he collaborated with Nazis!

Chavez: He’s hardly human himself! He says he wants “open societies”… but we know he serves only the demons!

Watson: Demons who feed off the spirit energy of the young and innocent! Man I could use another dose of Super Male Vitality!

Chavez: Me too! I just wish Mr. Jones had a little more consideration for we Infowarriors that don’t have $70 every couple weeks for such mind-opening supplements. If there’s one gripe I have about the supps, it’s the price. You almost need to be one of the elites that we fight against in order to purchase the supplements needed to be woke!

Watson: Seriously! I know funding the Infowar is expensive, but they got to do something about those prices. Maybe a discount for those not earning Davos-level money? Or bulk plans for stuff like Super Male Vitality? That vial was tiny!

Chavez: Either that or a discount for buying multiple supplements at once… Being woke ain’t cheap, but it doesn’t need to be such a burden. They should cut the prices so we can be the best infowarriors, without being sent to the poorhouse… the banksters are doing a good enough job of that!

Watson: Someone needs to tell that to Alex Jones and Dr. Edward Group! Can’t that scientific wunderkind figure out a way to make something just as potent and cheaper?

Dr. Group, the world’s foremost practitioner of alpha-male science. There is no way a man with hair this luscious could be wrong about anything. Source: Global Healing Center

Chavez: We can only hope! I am sure it is hard to source ingredients that are free from the taint of GMO or the other means of mind control “baked into” our own food and water supply, but getting these world-changing supplements into the hands of as many patriots as possible can’t be a bad thing!

Watson: If that were to happen, 1776 would truly commence again. There would be no more false flags, no more corporatist globalist parasites draining humanity, no more pedophile rings, and no more poisoning of the sky with barium salts. More importantly, Hillary would finally be in prison. AMERICA WOULD BE GREAT AGAIN. HUMANITY WOULD BE GREAT AGAIN!


Only one of these hasn’t been tainted by George Soros. Source: Alex Jones Memes on Facebook

Watson: I never took a test to see if my estrogen levels lowered, but I did feel more energy and more aggro in a manly way while taking this. What about you?

Chavez: I have not tested my hormone levels either, but I definitely felt more energy, but at the same time more control. I felt like I had more mastery over my emotions, I was “master of my domain”, to crib a line from Seinfeld. I can only imagine the gains I would get from another round of supplements.

Watson: As the Hodge Twins would say, you would be making all kinds of gains! But not just in terms of muscle, but in terms of wokeness!

Chavez: Exactly, it’s not like I tacked on muscle mass, but my brain has been refreshed and reawakened like never before! I’m spotting lizard vampire people left and right!

Watson: I noticed the same thing! In fact, I think my increased aggressiveness was because I realized that living in New York City, I was surrounded by so many globalist lizards every hour of the day!

Chavez: You must have been bordering on overstimulation! I was seeing enemies around every corner in podunk Brandon, FL!

Watson: Oh man, you wouldn’t want to be in Manhattan. It was like that movie They Live but I didn’t need to wear sunglasses to spot interdimensional lizard tyrants.

Manhattan on Super Male Vitality. I shudder to think what D.C. looks like. Source: The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube

Chavez: Craziness! Considering how “progressive” NYC is, I’m sure there were many “friends of Soros”... I would have been afraid to leave the house!

Watson: It’s like Jurassic Park but everything is a lot more expensive and the big scary lizards are super classist and uppity. The constant chemtrails polluting the air don’t help, either. Hey, didn’t you live in D.C.? I can’t imagine how that town would look like on Super Male Vitality.

Chavez: Aren't we seeing that play out now? The whole damn city seems like it's losing its mind! Trump is spotting the lizards and taking them out as fast as they pop into up! Comey’s is just the latest lizard head to roll down Pennsylvania Ave!

Watson: Hopefully soon Jared and Ivanka, too! I imagine if you went back to D.C, Chavez, everyday would be something like this:

The Super Male and his friends vs. people who REALLY hate Armenians for some reason. Source: The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube

Chavez: It would! I'd be confronting those devils on the street, spreading the word of vitality and freedom! I'd be locked up! The charge? “Walking while being TOO WOKE!”

Watson: Anti-woke discrimination! Miswokeny!

Chavez: I'm sure that if Soros and his cabal have their way, that'll be a crime soon enough! Plato wanted us out of the cave, Soros wants to stuff us down into his!!!

Watson: While paying exorbitant rent that he’ll use in a scheme to short other people! We cannot allow this to happen! He will not prevent us from pushing humanity into another dimension!

Chavez: We will triumph! We can only hope there's enough Super Male (and female) vitality in the world!!!

Watson: Hopefully Dr. Group gets on that! We need more to resist! If all people took this and other Infowars Life supplements, the Globalists would be done! Humanity would reach new levels of consciousness!

Chavez: Dr. Group… the Swedes or whatever should ditch Nobel and name it the “Dr. Group Prize for service in raising consciousness”!


Chavez: YES! What better way to bring recognition of Dr. Group and Alex Jones’ service to humanity than to create an international prize! We must be still feeling the effects of the supplements, I'm riding a high of WOKE right now!

Watson: And for humanity’s sake, you and I must STAKE WOKE! ✊

Chavez: Always woke means being always free!!!!

Now what do we do? What Infowars Life supplements should we review next? Comment and let us know!