The Pill: Womyn Are Attacking Lisa Bloom Due To Internalized Misogyny

By Becky T. Chavez and Shauna Jo Watson

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Lisa Bloom is one of the most woke and gifted lawyers alive, having represented womyn in their fights against sexual predators like Bill Cosby and Bill O’ Reilly. She even represented Blac Chyna in her legal battle to get a restraining order on Rob Kardashian, who violated Blac Chyna’s agency by posting her nudes without permission.

Despite her long and storied career defending womyn and womyn’s rights, Lisa Bloom has come under fire recently from, of all people, other womyn. Three high-profile womyn, Gloria Allred, Rose McGowan, and Kathy Griffin, have come forward to attack Lisa Bloom. We look at each of these womyn’s attacks and the inherent misogyny they employ to disparage Bloom, as well as the aftermath of their harmful words.

Gloria Allred

Take the tape off Lisa. You can leave it on Gloria ☺️ Source: No H8 Campaign

Sadly, one of the most vociferous of Lisa Bloom’s attackers is her own mother! Gloria Allred, who for years has fought the good fight against misogyny and rape culture, in the end turned on her own flesh and blood. Allred, serving as a handmaiden for the patriarchy, gladly threw her own child under the bus, but to what end? Is it petty jealousy? Was she so envious of her daughter’s time in the spotlight that she destroyed one of the most sacred of bonds? There is absolutely no way that Gloria Allred can claim to be a part of my struggle. I treasure my fellow womyn, I seek to build up womyn and every single person that identifies as a womyn. Tearing down one of the torchbearers of the struggle for true equality is nothing short of a treasonous act toward her own gender. How many would-be rapists are now going to prey upon womyn, emboldened by what is obvious “friendly fire” within the intersectional struggle for true equality for all.

Seeing the horror her crimes have wrought, Allred tried walking back her statements, recently telling Vanity Fair:

I love her. She’s a very good attorney, and I do not in any way criticize her decision to represent Mr. Weinstein.

Sorry girlfriend, you don’t get to put the genie back in the bottle.

The damage is done… some bridges can’t be rebuilt.

True allyship. Source: Page Six

Rose McGowan

Is she from Scream or The Scream? 🤔 Source: Indiewire

Rose McGowan, who many people will remember from Scream and Charmed, recently posted on Facebook a vicious tirade against Lisa Bloom for Bloom’s work trying to get Weinstein to admit he did wrong. While the whole world united under the hashtag #MeToo against Harvey Weinstein, Rose McGowan had to turn around and make it all about her! Let’s look at key excerpts from this gaslighter’s Facebook post.

“Did you think of how it would affect victims to see you champion a rapist? How it felt to those you once “fought for,” for them to know that you used them. You remember them right? They were the victims of assaults, women you’d previously helped. You lied to those hurt women and hid your true character. You wanted a shortcut to fame.”

This is the same kind of sexist “blame the woman for the man’s actions” rhetoric that was used against Hillary Clinton. Rose McGowan stooped to the lows of misogynistic Bernie bros, Donald Trump, and the alt-right.

Do you think that was just a one off? Check this out:

“When I was 23 I was hurt by the Swine. I have had a 350 lbs monster stuck to me for twenty years. Guess what, Lisa? Now he’s all yours. It’s your obituary his name will be in, not mine.”

Hey Rose, Lisa Bloom already cut ties with Harvey Weinstein after Weinstein put her through the shame of representing an abusive man who will not change. Doesn’t this sound all-too much like victim blaming?

“ I had been a whole person, now I was left with the job of putting myself back together while jackals like you drank champagne and sneered and participated in the illusion of power.”

It saddens us to no end when womyn put down other womyn who find success. Why can’t we celebrate womyn who manage to get money and move up, especially given how difficult it is in this patriarchal world? Lisa Bloom needs no man to provide for her; she provides for herself and other selves in her own law firm 👏. Meanwhile, Rose McGowan sold out for just 100k; peanuts compared to the paper that Lisa Bloom brings in. When Rose went low, Lisa went high.

And just when you think Rose couldn’t go any lower, she manages to scrape past the bottom of the barrel.

“The scarlet letter is yours, and it’s S is for SHAME.”

Here, Rose McGowan makes reference to The Scarlet Letter and the punishment imposed on its protagonist, Hester Prynne, the most famous victim of slut-shaming in American fiction. Yes, you saw that right; Rose McGowan slut-shamed Lisa Bloom! Talk about internalized misogyny! That is the most notorious way that womyn put down other womyn! WTF Rose McGowan, wtf? I thought you were on OUR side! By the way, it’s pretty ironic that a womyn who rose to fame largely due to her looks is putting down a womyn who rose to fame due to her intelligence! 💁🏼 Way to keep young womyn thinking only looks matter, Rose! 🤦🏼‍♀️

But what else can you do when it’s been a decade since your last blockbuster and you’ve found a news cycle to glom onto! Rose, we used to love you, now change! Stop the misogynistic attacks against Lisa Bloom, get more woke, and start championing womyn who make big thangs happen in this sexist world!

Kathy Griffin

Et tu, Brute? Source: Jonathan Turley

Kathy Griffin was riding high after her picture of her beheading a Donald Trump effigy became viral. Of course, Trumpers attacked her, with Lisa Bloom becoming one of her fiercest defenders. And yet, how did Kathy repay Lisa for her loyalty? By trashing her hard in a Daily Beast interview. In it, Griffin even said this:

“Lisa said, ‘Kathy, I don’t like it that you’re the only other woman on this call and you’re not speaking up for me,’” Griffin recounted. “And I’m like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? After everything I’ve been through, you’re gonna try to play the fucking feminist card with me?… Are you fucking nuts? It doesn’t work that way. I don’t have your back on this one at all.’”

And with that, Kathy sold out feminists everywhere to fit in with the patriarchy. That’s the power of fame, you’ll sell out to the patriarchy to get another 15 minutes! Lisa had her back, when the world was attacking Kathy, Lisa Bloom stood in her corner. When the sanctimonious right wing was decrying her beautiful artistic expression, Lisa was there. When Lisa was the one on the receiving end of vile attacks and vicious slurs, where was Kathy? Only Kathy Griffin wasn’t there, she had sided with her fame, and the patriarchy. Ms. Griffin is the definition of a “fair weather friend”! There’s nothing that saddens me more than to see one womyn turn their back on another in a time of need. Who are you Kathy? Are you proud of who you’ve become? Was it worth it to sell your only defender down the river?


Stop serving fish to the Leprechauns! Source: Wikipedia

What is the natural result of the attacks on Lisa Bloom? Online harassment, of course. Never missing a chance to attack a womyn, the trolls again emerged from 4Chan and Breitbart to make Lisa’s life a living hell! Name one famous womyn, especially one that fights the patriarchy like Lisa Bloom, that doesn’t get attacked by these mental midgets! Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham, Frederica Wilson… these are but a few of the womyn that dared speak truth to power, and were promptly threatened and harassed. If you attack the patriarchy, the patriarchy fights back, and they fight dirty! Trumptards scream and complain that Maxine Waters is “beyond the pale” when she said she wanted to “take out” Trump, but then they slide their ignorant asses over to their keyboard and threaten a womyn’s life in 140 characters or less. You know what though, they wouldn’t be as vocal if they were winning! Lisa Bloom has endured and I’m sure, will endure, attacks from the patriarchy, fellow womyn with their own internalized misogyny, and online trolls from here to Moscow!

We at the W.O.K.E Collective condemn the attacks on Lisa Bloom. We further pledge to fight the internalized misogyny plaguing our society so that such attacks never happen again! 🙅🏼

If you haven’t already, please read our older articles to awaken your mind to more ways to fight injustice. We come out with new articles regularly, so stay tuned, because the outrage never stops!