We Must Fight for an Inclusive & Intersectional Space Force

by Harry P. Chavez and Sean Joseph Watson

Darth Trump. Source: Daily Star

It has been fashionable, as of late, to diss Trump’s Space Force idea and heap onto it the same amount of scorn reserved for all his other shitty ideas. This time, we need to take a moment to think about how we can use the creation of an entirely new military branch to our advantage.

The military has long been notorious as a hotbed for racist/homophobic/transphobic bigotry and sexual assault against women. As we embark on a journey into the “final frontier,” we here at the W.O.K.E Collective have some ideas about how we can create the first fully-inclusive fighting force starting from day one - a military branch that we can actually be proud of!

Now you may be thinking that inclusivity is a pipe dream, even if the Space Force were to leave the ground. What if we told you that space was already queer? The heroic Sally Ride, the first womyn to break the bounds of Earth, was also the first LGBTQUIA2S person in space! To deny LGBTQUIA2S people their rightful place in space would shit all over the memory of one of the most decorated womyn astronauts in herstory. That would definitely not be supporting your troops — a stance that is anathema to Republicans like Donald Trump.

Sally Ride smashing the patriarchy back in the 80s. Source: The Texas Theatre

Making LGBTQUIA2S people part of the foundation of the Space Force is just the beginning! We won’t get into space by sheer force of will alone, we’ll need physicists, chemists, engineers, and designers. Why can’t we open these jobs to the differently-abled? These positions are usually desk-based, and telecommuting solves any mobility issues. The involvement of those with disabilities doesn’t stop there. Since science has not yet blessed us with the ability to generate artificial gravity, our Starship Troopers will be operating in a zero-g environment. When there’s no gravity, you don’t need fully-functioning limbs, or an insane amount of strength to get around a spaceship. Imagine giving a wheelchair-bound person the ability to move freely for the first time possibly ever — the ability to show off their expertise and contribute to the mission. Space evens the playing field, so able-bodied whites need not apply.

Hollywood has been notoriously bad at casting people of color in lead roles in movies about outer space. Most famously, Idris Elba did not get the lead role in Prometheus. In the wake of the absolute #slay at the box office that was Black Panther, this is completely unacceptable. This tells all POC of all gender expressions that space is the domain of whites! To add insult to injury, the people telling us that are people who claim to be “liberal” and “tolerant” but aren’t woke af at all in their casting choices! 🤬

Hollywood’s idea of “People of Color.” Source: DJ Mikey Pop

The Space Force doesn’t need to continue the legacy of the racists, rapists, and pedophiles in the Hollywood-Military Industrial Complex. The best example for POC heading to space has got to be Captain Benjamin Sisko of the USS Defiant in the show Star Trek:Deep Space Nine. He brought the idea of inclusivity and minority rights to the forefront. He brought wokeness to space. His Chief Science Officer, Jadzia Dax, was gender fluid, the soul of a man living in a womyn’s body. He fought a war against the Cardassians (not pronounced “Kar-dash-i-ans”), the oppressors, and slave masters of the Bajoran people. His anti-fascist actions and inclusive attitude not only earned him the loyalty of his crew, but also earned him the status of a god among the Bajoran people. For real, an entire planet of people worshipped his black ass! He also never died, but ascended to another plane of existence. Whites go into space and you get shit like Apollo 13; POC go into space and achieve godhood.

Onward to inclusivity… ENGAGE! Source: Entertainment Weekly

There are even more examples of Star Trek’s wokeness that we can use for inspiration for the Space Force. Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager was not just the first female lead in a Star Trek series, she hired a black man to be her head of security. Her first officer? A Native American! The pilot of the vessel? A former felon. Lead engineer? A womyn. Even after stepping off the bridge, Janeway’s woke attitude has never faltered. Check this out:

Fighting the Space Unemployment Rate

Trump loves to “make a deal” and beat his chest, telling everyone he got what he wanted. So let’s give his John F. Kennedy-wannabe ass a Space Force, but cram it full of inclusiveness. Drumpf is far, far, too vain to ever admit a failure. He’ll call the Space Force a resounding success, even after finding out that space has become the domain of POC and every gender and sexual orientation. Make Space Fabulous Again — there’s no better recruiting slogan! ✊

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