Irrational PI — Is It Between Cause And Effect But Neither?

Day 2, Before breakfast

Einstein was born on Pi Day, March 14(Source: Wikipedia)

We all believe that the whole universe is filled with infinite number of far-reaching possibilities & we are forever stuck in the process of figuring out to solve the path closer to infinity. Every innovation to revolution we are seeing began from the zero we never knew.

Everyone in their inner self, asking consequential but independent questions at every point of present historical time that converges back to one reason. To co-relate the perspectives of higher dimensions and bring them down to link them with the present reality. We currently know 2.7 trillion digits of pi through the 3500 years of mathematical evolution, yet we are still figuring out it’s deep conundrum because of the profound link between quantum world and cosmology and it was there all the time in the space and as a constant.

Numerical journey of π (Source: Wikipedia)
2200 year old Archimedes’ Approximation Of Pi (Source: Google Sheets)

We never understood the ground truth of nature but we learnt that we will never give up to understand it’s nature of convergence to duality.

Keep asking the right questions that constantly challenging the ambidextrous certainty that are irrational & transcendental. Einstein must have felt the space-time relativity to go one step further and derive it’s co-relation through the intellectual process of figuring out mentally, physically & mathematically.

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” — Einstein

Day 2, Feeling Hungry

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