‘We The Immigrants’ By the Laws of Nature

Day 1, before breakfast

I am an infamous maniac who wish to be nobody on reddit and in parallel I am a very famous artist, a particle physicist and dead at the same time in multi-verse reality. Either way, reality is unfathomable & captivating, yet sucks.

Moving from the frame of reference. “Either we hate them and forget the reality or we forget them and hate the reality.”

I am still hunting that outlandish word in a random foreign language. There is something very special about us, we are good in judging things without even experiencing it. But the possibilities are perpetual when we start experiencing it, we either eat the whole brownie or share the brownie or even ban the brownie.

A map of early human migration (Source: Wikipedia)

Imagine an unbalanced home with abundant ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ of everything. Then, the most habitable places with exhausting resources would have been either abandoned already or over-crowded with high density, busy & extremely populated. We don’t know which side the cumulative world is converging. Looking at the bright side of the balance, many of our early civilizations are cascaded from migration based on their individual ‘needs’ & ‘wants’.

Mongkok, Yau Tsim Mong District, Hongkong — Famous for high population density & busiest place on the planet (340,000 per square mile, by the Guinness world record) | (Source: Wikipedia)

Moving to the animal kingdom, the longest known non-stop flight of any known birds is Bar-tailed godwit — Limosa lapponica. It travels Straight from Alaska to New Zealand, 11,026 km in a direct 9 days flight. On the other end, the Arctic Tern — Sterna paradisaea has the longest distance migration of any sensible living being that can fly on the planet. It takes three months sea journey of 22,000 km. They do it because they are independent, in-need & free to do it unlike there are no securities to kick them out from a famous overbooked passenger flight. No wonder the sloths are not only endangered due to deforestation but their physical inability to survive the harsh environment. The nature is giving up on it’s very own creation through the decreasing health of tropical rainforest. They spend much of their lives in the trees, snoozing and remaining solitary from the predators. WWF runs a campaign “Adopt a Three-toed-sloth” to save them.

Long distance Birds migration routes

It’s in the inevitable nature of transformation from pollination to mankind’s mars-mission and beyond. Earliest human migrations across continents dates back to 1.9 million years ago with the ancient ancestors of modern humans, homo-erectus. There are no room for nature’s creativity when the bounded space-time doesn’t sync along with the light.

How can a TV be more important than a bed?
The bed keeps you in slum, but the flat screen take you out.
- Sense8, The Wachowskis & J. Michael Straczynski

Why do we love The internet & social network? It’s because of the fact it connects the ground reality with clusters of impossibility at near speed of light which were just an imaginable science fiction in the past-present due to incomprehensibility, inaccessibility, physical laws & restrictions.

Mark Zuckerberg’s empire’s cover picture of his empire

First elementary block to a creation starts with the balancing dimensional point of lowest irrational root and then it follows the Darwinian evolutionary theory. When there are no experts around us, we either live with it or tend to fix the problem ourselves. It is proven that world can be such a better place only by sharing brownies to see the quantum leap of creativity. Migration is one such building block of the evolution unless we started to take control over it.

It’s a hard fact that evolution is all about never ending process of forfeiting, learning & being hopeful. When things come close too easy, then we are not evolving. We are just becoming lazy.

“Either we hate them and forget the reality or we forget them and hate the reality”. Accept the nuts & bolts more than inaccessibility but due to the physical laws & restrictions across, the present world we live in is built & will be built by immigrants in future even if they are not free to move around the home earth. The least we can do is to make the world more free of hatred from the nouns that ends with ‘-ism’.

Day 1, Before lunch.


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