When Fiction Goes Deep

Lost in time.

Before you start reading. It may sound like a man but feel like a woman or it may feel like a man but sound like a woman.

And it does come with a warning: It will not be your usual 1 min read.

Here it goes…

I a̶m̶ was sitting at the terrace & having a bowl of noodles, I was asking my 17 quantifiable years long-time ally why do you take pictures of that …. S/He said, “It looks amazing” and then after that s/he showed the photo from the latest expensive flagship smartphone and then I added “It looks damn amazing”. And realized we always converge to “amazing things” relatively and then s/he was still taking pictures in & around. I went inside, took my laptop and started to write this fiction. It’s because we always converge to the things we like that’s “damn amazing” in that moment.

“We forget the non sensible space reality to stay in time at that moment which is lost forever in near future. We are engineered that way to perceive & live the near present & near-sensible world”

“That’s How Fiction Goes Deep When On A Light Speed Journey In A Bended Path Even Before The Elementary Step” — Leap of faith

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286……………. to infinity.

Happy International Worker’s Day.

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