Want to make more quality time with the kids but too frazzled to think? How to become “The Wonder Mum”

After returning to work from maternity leave, I struggled to be the Mum I wanted to be. I was fortunate to work part-time but I was still chasing my tail on days at home with my kids — forever catching up on mundane tasks just to keep the family moving.

Sure, I had time on my non-working days with my kids but I questioned whether I was actually spending enough quality time with them?

This was not how it was supposed to be…

I wanted to be the kind of Mum who takes her children to interesting places every week. The Mum who always has a few activities up her sleeve to do with the kids at home. The Mum who cooks healthy food that her children actually eat!

I wanted to be The Wonder Mum.

In reality, I didn’t have the time or energy to plan trips or activities in advance. The kids became bored with the usual trips and far too familiar with CBeebies for my liking… As for time for me to recharge, that just never happened.

When I spoke to my Mum friends, I realised many felt the same way.

Something had to change!

Enough was enough. I decided to take a career break to spend more time with my kids and I’m looking for a more flexible way of working.

Now that I have ‘slightly’ more time on my hands, I’ve realised just how much information is out there on social media that can help me to become the Mum I want to be. But, it’s scattered in many different places. This got me thinking… Wouldn’t it be useful if all this information was somehow in one place?

That’s why I decided to create The Wonder Mum — to inspire busy Mums like you, allowing you to easily plan your week and maximise the amount of quality time you have with your kids.

Join me on the quest to become The Wonder Mum

The Wonder Mum will inspire you by providing:

  • Information on local child friendly events;
  • Easy to plan and do activities at home;
  • Healthy and quick child friendly recipes to try;
  • Reviews of locally run places to eat that cater for kids;
  • ‘Me-time’ suggestions for Mums;
  • Useful information on flexible working.

Join me @TheWonderMumUK on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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