My Favorite Freelancing Blogs

There’s an entire community of freelancers out there who give their tips, advice, and stories to help you. If you’re a new freelancer or your business isn’t striving as you’d like, why not utilize this free information to your advantage?


Formerly Graphic Design Blender, Millo is a blog that offers all types of freelancers practical advice. Millo has many freelancers contributing to the community.

Your Freelancing Career

Your Freelance Career is owned and written by Brent Galloway. Brent is a well-known, freelance graphic designer. The advice on the blog is straight forward with writing that flows naturally. While it’s not presently updated with as much information as when it first started, it has some essential advice from the past year.

Hey Shenee

Shenee is a great asset to both freelancers and small businesses. She makes learning about maintaining your career fun, easy, and colorful. Just check out her website and you’ll see what I mean! Her blog features advice from gaining the confidence to making your next move to where to find clients. She also has created labs, brand quizzes, and challenges to help you determine where you are and where you want to be.

Guerrilla Freelancing

While Guerrilla Freelancing is a fairly seasoned blog, I’ve just come to learn about it. It has hundreds of blog posts written by many great freelancers. The owner of the blog is Mike Smith who is a freelance wordpress developer and he seems to be pretty laid back. Topics range from taxes, finances, marketing, handling clients and more.

Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers is a blog aimed specifically at freelance copywriters. It is a blog run by Joana Wiebe and Lance Jones, two exceptional copywriters. It has some very practical tips on not only how to be a freelancer but how to become a freelancer if you haven’t made the jump yet. Along with posts, Copy Hackers features guides, podcasts, and more.

Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is a freelance web designer who uses his years of experience to help upcoming freelancers. He runs a simplistically designed blog accompanied by a freelancing course that offers helpful tips. He uses stories from his own life and applies them to everyday situations you may occur in your own business.

What’s your favorites?