Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter?

You may be thinking, “why would I hire a freelance copywriter? I need professional content from a large agency who knows what they’re doing”. That’s misconception number one about freelancers. We do know what we’re doing. In fact, we may even know a little more than the agencies. Some freelancers are even ones who’ve been at agencies, gained experience, and realized it wasn’t for them. Let’s view this misconception a little more along with other ones.

A freelancer knows business.

Just because an agency has the budget for extensive marketing that makes them look highly knowledgeable doesn’t mean they’re any more talented than freelancers. Most freelancers have attended some type of schooling and have decided that sitting at a 9–5 job wasn’t the creative direction they needed to reach their full potential.

Business wise — freelancers are smarter. They have to deal with marketing, client relations, project management, and many other aspects of business that you have to. If you had a copywriter, wouldn’t you want one that is experienced in writing content to market her own business? Or one that is proficient with talking to, writing to, and interacting with clients herself?

Freelancers are less expensive.

I have an exercise for you. Request a quote from a large agency for a service you need and then request a quote from a freelancer. See the price difference?

Freelancers don’t have the extra costs such as paying employees, office and overhead costs, excessive marketing, technology and supplies for each employee, and more. All of those costs are factored in when an agency gives you a quote.

Freelancers have flexibility.

As a freelancer who controls almost every aspect of my business, I can say that I offer my clients tons of flexibility.

When a client wants a revision, I don’t have to go through the boss to approve and price the revision.

When a client wants to speak to the actual person writing the content, they won’t get a receptionist or project manager, they’ll get me. Always.

When a client needs to have a conversation in the evening, my office hours don’t restrict me from communicating after 5 pm.

Copywriting agencies have strict rules and guidelines for their employees and every aspect of your project needs to be approved through multiple people, slowing down the process and turning something as simple as a revision into a headache.

Freelancers are personal.

I love my clients. I take the time out to get to know them and their business. I usually work with 1 or 2 clients at a time, giving me a chance understand their business and write content that fits their needs.

Why are freelancers personal?

  1. Freelancers communicate with you directly.
  2. Agencies prioritize projects by price.
  3. Freelancers have more time for you.
  4. Freelancers have a smaller client load, allowing them to focus on you.

As you can see, a freelance copywriter is very distinctive to a copywriting agency. Which option you choose should depend on your business size, your business, your needs, your preferences, and your deadline.