People are more than one thing.

I constantly have to remind myself of this fact, because people are only capable of showing one side at a time.

The fool takes the current image at face value. The intellect knows there is another dimension. The artist goes one further and dreams of what dwells in those depths:

Beauty and terror. Love and isms. Kindness and cruelty. Generosity and hatred. Wisdom and simplicity.

Fantasy and truth. Creativity and science.

The cashier throws change into my hand without looking. She’s done with me. I hate her for the easy dismissal. I want to slap her face and tell her I MATTER. But she driest matter so I just scowl and walk away.

The problem is, I know she actually DOES matter. I wish I could say she matters TO ME, but I’d be lying. The best I can do is acknowledge the she matters if only to herself, and try to remember People Are More Than One Thing. To me she’s a lazy, inattentive cashier; a product of today’s ambivalence toward ones fellow man; the end result of Corporate America’s machinery.

The only thing I see — the only side she has shown — is a rude bitch.

I wonder what else she is.

And when I take the time to consider my own public face, I wonder what she sees of me — if anything at all.

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