I absolutely HATE this…

Hi guys!!

Every since I started blogging, I have been posting depressing and deep posts, so why don’t I post something thats….not…?

So, here are 10 things I ABSOLUTELY HATE!!!!!

Number 1.

I hate when it takes 5 years to open up an email. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my internet is nearly ALWAYS slow. So it takes SOOOOOO long for a single email to load, then I have to wait in suspense to see what it is. It usually ends up being an ad, or something.

Number 2.

When people say, Don’t ask me what happened today, then wait silently until someone actually asks them. I understand its a dramatic way to give news, but come on, dial it down a bit…

Number 3.

Snitches. I have two sisters, so I am pretty experienced in the telling off area. I hate it. It literally ruined my life.

Number 4.

Blaming you for stuff. Its worse enough when you get the main blame for something, but when you didn’t even do anything and you get blamed. That’s when it REALLY ticks me off. *Cough Sisters cough*

Number 5.

I hate when people park in two parking spaces. HATE IT. It makes life 100 times harder to park.

Number 6.

When someone doesn’t thank you. I hate it when I cook for someone, or I make someone something, or I help someone with something, and they don’t say thank you. I mean, really, it won’t kill you. Especially when you open a door, and walk past without noticing you.

Number 7.

Crying children in the plane. I’m sorry, but seriously, it’s 3 in the morning, I need my sleep please.

Number 8.

Tall people sitting in front of you in the cinema. I pay for this, but it all ends up going to waste because of some giraffe who decided to sit in front of me. What happened in the film? I don’t know I couldn’t see it.

Number 9.

People who are all over each other. I understand you love each other, don’t rub it in. It might just be more annoying to me because I’m single, but seriously. Get a room or something.

Number 10.

When someones listening to music on their headphones, and it so loud I can hear them across the room. Like come on, it doesn’t need to be that loud, I know you like Taylor Swift, so do I, but, man, quiet it down a bit.

That it for today,



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