How to get Music for your videos for free (legally, of course)

I was never serious about making videos and am still trying to come up with ideas for my current blog. Having made 2 videos with voice-over, whenever I’d watch them it would feel a little bland and the result… I kept pondering over it.

Then came the aha! moment. It lacked music.

I would not want the same for you.

So that’s why I decided to come up with this short article for you.

Alright. What do I need to do

You must have heard of Envato… that operates one of the best digital marketplaces on the web. If not, you must have stumbled upon their website Tut+ which has online courses and articles on various topics and languages.

In the beginning of every month, they have a list of freebies which members can download and use it in their projects for free (be sure to check out the usage rights though ;)

I was browsing through the mails and searched for Envato. I found the following email.

Awesome. Me = Happy

So I think this explains it all. You just have to register at their marketplace and then you’ll be eligible for the freebies. Yay!

I remember I registered at CodeCanyon.

So it has something for everyone. If you are using WordPress, you can get an awesome theme or if you make videos on a regular basis, you can make use of the free music!

Yep. That’s it.

But you should also take care that when you use such media, most of them are copyrighted and digitally protected against unauthorized usage (using digital fingerprinting system).

You can look in here for the specified article in the image above.

So you are few steps away from your awesome creation!

Let me know what you think :)

You can find my channel here.

I am trying to learn to make videos. If you could check out one of my videos, it’d be awesome. Suggestions, Reviews, Comments? Please do.

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