Could it be the best beer in the world?

So I think I finally found it. Fifty plus countries, hundreds of brands, brews, bars, and parking lots post soccer games, of not searching for anything but stumbling upon it anyways led me to this one moment. The best beer in the world.

I remember the first time I tried it, with Ryan, Andrea, Forest, Dan, and the duo from the office next door at a half-dive bar called Lucky’s in Boston. Ryan could not believe his luck. They had it, and plenty of it!

The law of sudden ubiquitous would mean that I would eventually see this beer in almost every fridge in the greater Boston area, from the finest liquor stores, to the budget dive shop that has not seen a broom in seven years. Which is just as well, as I continue my search for the elusive great beer you can acquire almost anywhere.

The first sip was sudden euphoria. The taste was crisp, clean. The bitterness levels were not overbearing. I needed more, and the fact that such a flavorful, real beer was also refreshing and thirst quenching made it all the more easy to throw down my throat with impunity. Bring me more!

Main Peeper Ale it says on the label. What are you? Where are you from? Brewers in Maine making beer in their garage, now making their beer in a proper brewery. Maine has a great water supply, I wonder if that plays into the pure taste from the beer. I bet it does. Damn its good. Their is a great, citrus and fresh cut grass aroma coming straight out of it. Followed by citrus notes in the flavor. Then something I could not quite put my fingers on. There was a floral taste in there somewhere, the kind that reminds you of litchis on a summer’s day. Like sipping from a cool St. Germain cocktail. Damn thats good!

I have to take my hats off to the gents at the Maine Beer Company. There is a quote on their website that explains it all.

We told ourselves if we couldn’t do things right then we wouldn’t do them at all.
David and Daniel, Maine Beer Company

I have to agree with David and Daniel, and I admire their pursuit. You have to do it right, or what is the point of even trying? In their efforts they have delighted countless beer drinkers and advocates the world over. In their pursuit, they may have created one of the best beers in the world.


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