Your Cinderella Feet are protesting


When I took a shower today, I was like all satisfying and grinning when I saw my feet.

“Ewww, Is that my feet, it is not right?. AM I RIGHT !!!!?”

“ Did I unconsciously wake up at night every night, go out the rice field and do some crazy labor so my feet look cranky?

They look dry and tough, and the skin around the area is not smooth at all. I feel like every other part of my body will look down on poor little feet like the evil step sisters do in Cinderella. Poor little feet probably cry because of neglect.

Our feet and hand both work hard physically. The hands receive good attention with the good ol’ hand cream/body cream/ face cream/fragrance/wristband. Well, a little too much because we use hands to apply face cream too.

On the other hand, poor little feet smash their face on the dirty germy ground to walk us to whatever beautiful trip to Paris and then we instagram the shit out of the place or just to nearby market to buy dinner. They are supposed to be pamper with cream and massage. But no.

In short, my feet are cinderella waiting for her new clothes.

So right now, I need to shower my feet not just with water but with love. I don’t want the toes to look I roll in a mud while getting lost in Amazon, not nice on open toes shoes.