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I’ve been looking for the words on this issue all week. Did Brett Kavanaugh assault Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when they were teenagers? It certainly matters.

Women who are assaulted as teenagers need to be heard and heralded, so others can find strength in their moments of crisis. …

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I know there are plenty of Upwork haters out there (and they have SUPER good reasons), but without a big, giant, internet monster like Upwork - eating 20% of my paltry income - I wouldn’t be launching a business as a freelance writer.

This is not a testimonial, this is a reflection on strange ways to get where you’re going…

I’m one of those PhD castoffs, the #quitlit lost souls who had unapologetic dreams of teaching and research and ivory towers… and then got smashed on the shores of Reality. I have struggled to find a way past all that.

I have been a university adjunct and a middle school substitute; a fitness instructor, a cruise ship lecturer, and a Library Stylist. …

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My husband and I found a tiny spot in Mexico a few years ago well off the beaten path. Just us, no internet, a few books, some groceries, and the turtles! While we usually are all GO when on vacation, this is our spot to relax and recharge. I usually bring at least 10 books…

As I get ready for this year’s trip, I have a few thoughts.

For each trip, there has been “The Book,” that one book that memorably is tied to the week. On our first visit, it was the Area X trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer. I don’t think I could have ever gotten through all 3 if I wasn’t parked on a remote beach in Mexico, but thank god I was, because the experience was amazing! …


Caroline Malloy

Coincidental world-traveller and wayward academic. Freelance Writer (your words, my words, all words) @

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