Things That I Follow to Travel before Anywhere

Things That I Follow to Travel before Anywhere

Things That I Follow to Travel before Anywhere

I am a traveller and love to explore the places, & seeking for something new to adventure every time. In my opinion, the person who travels a lot they learn more and have enriched knowledge about the outsider World. By visiting new places and meeting new faces always gives you something new which you never have before.

In the beginning days of the my journey trips, I was confused about how to manage the trip and expenditure. As I was a student at that time and always have to focus on my pocket first. During those days I learned how to organise a trip, how to backpack, how to do investment, and most significant where to go.

Searching whole day on Google, before heading towards anywhere and approaching traveller enthusiasts to gain some quick travelling tips to clear my doubts.

Like me, there are thousands of people or students who looking for guidance and love to explore the nature and the World. For all such newbie’s I collected some quick travelling tips which surely make you manage and organise your first trip successfully.

Without much ado! Let’s start.

1. Choose a Destination within the Country

Beginning travelling within the country is always fruitful for the beginners. You can choose a destination in your country as it’s beneficial in many reasons like you are familiar with your peoples, have knowledge about the tradition and cultures, aware about the rules and policies, and most important easily travel across the cities via public transportation or using flights.

2. Search About the Place Deeply

After choosing the destination the main course of journey begins i.e. deep search about the selected destination for some key points like: in what season the price of the hotels and lodging are down, how to reach that place by bus/taxi or flight, what kind of climate is there, what to pack, estimate chart of the expenditure, and what are the nearby places to visit. These keys points are needed to be analysed before finalising the destination.

3. Choose the Mode of Transportation

Take your time before choosing the mode of transportation, think wisely which mode of transportation is suits your destination and pocket too. You can reach a respective destination through bus/taxi which cost less or via flights which is more comfortable and hassle-free. Maybe some readers think the flight is expensive and somewhere it’s a fact. But there are some cheats which enable travelers to book a flight at cheaper prices. From my experience, I used to travel through flight mostly even at cheaper prices than its actual price.

(Let me explain — Most of the things which are happening in the real world are operates through virtual World. Booking of train tickets, flights tickets, hotel booking, cabs booking, booking food orders, etc. all such services are processed through online platforms).

Travel portals like Almosafer, Tajawal, and Rehlat are my primary flight booking sites. They offer great flight booking and hotel booking deals which makes customers save a great discount on their booking. Such travel websites allow their customers to make use of coupon codes during the time of checkout to gain an instant discount on their booking.

I search for the coupons for respective travel site on coupon stores which are partnered with these travel companies and provide promo voucher to the users free of cost. I personally recommend my readers to search for flight booking coupons to get discount on your bill.

4. Where to Stay?

If you are on 2 days or more day trip you must require a hotel for the stay where you can relax and get the refresh. Search for the hotels and lodgings in that respective location which are giving the best services at reasonable prices. I recommend all to switch to hotel booking sites like Musafir, Atlantis The Palm, and Cleartrip. The major benefit of using these portals is you get hundreds of hotels for your entered location with price tags. You can book a hotel room by choosing the best price which suits your pocket and freely reaches the hotel after landing at the destination. This is the easy and best way to book a hotel at cheaper prices. It saves a lot of money guys!

5. Reach to the Bus station or Airport Before time

I always punctual from my childhood and when I move out for travelling I used to left before 1 hour for my transport station. In my point of view approaching before the time of bus departure or flight take off always save you from missing the bus/flight. You can get enough time to manage your luggage and relax freely until the arrival of your respective transport. Make sure to check everything before leaving the home and try to make a checklist of the things you carry.

Well, these are my quick travel tips which I follow before moving out to any destination. It helps me to organize a perfect pocket-friendly trip. I am sure this blog will go to help you in the future. Guys share your views and travel point which are worth for everyone.