As the gig economy has grown in the last 5 years or so, freelancers are seeing an increase in the number of clients that would like to make payment for goods and services in Exposure Bucks.

For newbies, Exposure Bucks is the millennium fantasy currency offered by companies, individuals and financial enemies disguised as friends in exchange for goods and services.

By offering you Exposure Bucks, more exploitative avenues for your hard-earned skills will open up in future.

Despite this irresistible and revolutionary offer, the move has outraged a significant amount of freelancers around the world.

After a quick poll…

This is an excerpt from my short story collection, For Better, For Worse or Maybe Not (Vol 1). Copyright © 2018 by Wunmi Fani. All rights reserved.

Tonight was going to be the night. Corinne could feel it. It had been a long time coming and a lot of hints had flown around in the last few months.

She’d plotted and planned.

She’d walked that clueless blighter past loads of jewellery stores and dress shops.

She’d left magazines in subtle places.

She’d had a brochure for the perfect venue accidentally delivered to his apartment.

How much more could she do…

This is an excerpt from my short story collection, For Better, For Worse or Maybe Not (Vol 1). Copyright © 2018 by Wunmi Fani. All rights reserved.

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Congratulations! Your ticket number 018654A is the winning number for the quarterly lottery for USD 1,000,000.

Kindly visit the duty-free HQ at the airport with your ticket stub and a valid ID to claim your prize.

Once again, congratulations!


Kenny Brown

Director, Millennium Millionaire

Stunned, James stared at the email for five minutes, trying to focus on its contents.

He had read and understood but his brain wasn’t processing…

I remember the last time I saw her as vividly as if it were a moment ago. I woke her up early and said good morning.

As usual, I stymied my desire to burst into tears. My beautiful, strong mother who had never come across something she couldn’t conquer. She sat before me, ravaged by cancer.

She was weak but a little stronger than the day before. I reached out my hand and helped her up.

We went to the bathroom. I bathe her in the really hot water she liked while we poked fun at each other and laughed…

We’ve all been around them. People that suck your emotional and mental energy out of you. People that drain you of your life force with their negative energy.

These kind of people are known as energy vampires or emotional vampires. They project whatever they are feeling inside onto other people and try to make their reality into your reality.

These energy vampires could be anyone — father, mother, brother, son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague or acquaintance. The closer the person is to you, the deadlier their energy field can be to you.

If you’re a compassionate, caring and/or thoughtful person…

As a student, I loved English and Literature. I had to study for other subjects but with those two, I didn’t have to. I got an A without even trying that hard.

During end of term exams, everybody else studied for those subjects. I preferred goofing around or looking through a dictionary or random novel. Those subjects were second nature to me. I devoured and reveled in them. I felt at home within words.

When I received a place at university to study English Language & Literature, everybody expected me to show up with a first class or second class…

Anna Fani

Anna is a writer & dreamer who has been marching to the beat of her unconventional drums for a long time. She can be found at

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