The Divergent Series : Alleigant

By Jon Adams

Alleigant does one thing right: it’s hyper stylized version of the future is visually interesting. Everything else seems to serve for quick cuts to put into a trailer. The movie feels like it’s obsessed with looking cool than telling a story, but in the most lazy way. No one seems to care about certain events, like the death of a character is met with such little emotion that it felt more like an inconvenience than someone that mattered.

Alliegent, the third of the Divergent series, returns with Tris (Shailene Woodley), Four (Theo James), and most of the cast from the previous movie, to escape the Chicago sanctuary. The oddest part about their escape is that their refuge almost looks exactly the same from Chicago, so why escape?

After a more-creepy-than-it-should-be decontamination sequence, they are shown a hilarious ad for parents who would like to genetically perfect their future children. In one of the many unintentially funny moments of the movie, the companies name is “Perfexia”. That name alone is right up there with The Simpsons “Focusyn” and “Jammitin”.

From here, the movie seems to feel like you would have to had read the book to understand certain character motivations. One character switches sides so quickly that there was no real reason for it than to further the plot and allow our characters to escape. Another has the two main characters fight for no reason other than to have a conflict.

This movie felt like I was watching a bunch of cute elementary school students putting on a play for their parents. It’s not the worst, but damnit, they’re doing their best.

2 out of 5