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Aug 5, 2017 · 2 min read

When CEO of Ekonomika Communication Hub, Irina Rubis approached us with the question «would you like to make a new logo for Marketing Media Review?», we answered immediately: «of course». It is the only actual media grown out of the print, which draws attention to Ukrainian communication market.

We were given carte blanche and the brief. So we started looking for something that would work for many years and help our clients to reach their goals in an ever-changing world of communications. In the process of searching for ideas, we realized that any concept for a logo proposed within the team is not as comprehensive and multivariate as our client wants. It seemed to us right that the logo had to be dynamic and easily varied for different purposes. On the other hand, we wanted to make it close interesting for the local advertising market. Thus at the intersection of these desires the final concept was born. The basis of the new MMR logo is a logo-transformer or logo without logo.

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Eventually, we suggested Ukrainian art directors themselves to help us create a dynamic logo. The media started receiving variations of the letters M M R from creative part of readers, making the logo richer, deeper, more interesting each year. Absolutely anyone may have become a co-author of the logo.

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After two years since the relaunch of the edition (more about that in a separate article) and rebranding, MMR actively uses its readers’ design ideas and grows along with its audience, which is the best quality indicator of the performed tasks.

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