Welcome to Plane Earth!

Yes, Plane, not Planet.

You’ll want to buckle up your seatbelts for this one, seatbelt sign is on.

You’re literally on a giant plane!

I know we kind of forced you on the plane, but we gave you a nice first class window seat to accommodate.

The scenic view is amazing!

And we’re flying at top speed, in an ever expanding universe!

The other passengers?

Amazing! (For the most part.)

The food?


There are two tiny itsy bitsy problems…

Really no big deal.

Everything’s under control.

It’s just…

We don’t know where the pilot for this plane is.

We don’t know the destination of this plane.

-“Holy shit get me off this plane!”

No need to panic, everything’s going to be ok!

Oh… There is one more thing I forgot to mention.

We must enter the plane naked…

-“Count me in!”

Excellent! Right, this way!

It’s a long flight, some people exit the plane quicker than others.

Since it’s a very long flight you must work for food to survive the flight.

Food used to be free on the plane.

But some groups of people messed that up for everyone…

People actually forget that they’re on a plane and that they get so caught up they never actually look out of the window.

We don’t really have any advice for why you’re here, or what you’re supposed to do for a job or how to get one, you kind of have to figure everything out on your own.

We also don’t know what happens when we get off next flight, or if there even is a next flight.

So yeah, welcome to Plane Earth!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip!

You may now unbuckle your seat belts.