A story I need to tell.

What happened on 3rd August.

Perhaps I write this in hope I’d come to read it from time to time again if I go online, to remind myself on the shortness of life. I dwell on the topics of life and death, because it’s an enigma to me. I’m always curious as to life’s big questions but what I’m about to express might be a bit telling, but to tell this story in the simplest form demands great eloquence, in which I am not capable of doing just yet.

But here I go…

I woke up in the morning of 3rd of August to a dream which will be indelible in my mind. No, I didn’t dream of such and such a person. I didn’t dream of my favourite people. I dreamt of me — laughing away. Joking with my family members who were surrounding me. But no one was laughing with me. They held a stoic expression with them; one that slowly brought me to a change of expression. From happiness to anxiety to….fear. It was then I realised that I was….

being brought down to my grave.

I was about to be brought down to my grave, that dark hole everybody fears. I remember, to the best of my ability, how afraid I was, not wanting to be brought down. I tried to tell them to stop, by wriggling, apparently trying to agitate them. But it was to no avail. The moment I was about to be laid upon my final abode on earth, then came reality. I woke up, releasing heavy breaths — I was just simply afraid of the dream.

But I am thankful I am alive today to tell this story. I don’t mean to scare you. I am only calling for each and every one of us to reflect upon the shortness of life. It was as though January was yesterday. It’s already August.


How much have we tried to understand life in its realest sense?

Have you ever thought that death is real?

I gave thought to that and….

yes, I will face it someday.

You will face it someday.

Everybody’s going to die.

It could come anytime.

I’m just scared.

This is simply a story I need to tell….

myself first and foremost.

I hope it benefits you.

We all need reminders anyway.

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