The Tiniest and Fastest GIF Camera App — GIFit

Are you still sending boring photos to your friends? Its the time to share moments with GIFs. Move ahead and send some lively gifs to your friends with GIFit — The GIF Camera App. With GIFit you can create a GIF in couple of seconds and share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and other platforms in one single tap.

It is just like your camera app. In one tap, it captures four frames with a delay of 1 second each and holds them together to make a gif. You can add text over it for a better expression.

Having just four frames makes the output GIF very light. Usually, the size of a picture taken by your phone is 200KB to 1MB and the size of GIF generated by this GIF camera app — GIFit is 400KB-600KB. Also, unlike other apps, the GIF generation time is very low (2-3 seconds.

Most importantly, the size of GIFit is just 2.5MB which is suitable for every android user since they face a lot of internal memory issues in their phones.

Currently, the app is available on PlayStore only (Download GIFit). Hoping to get it soon on Apple’s App Store.