Summer has always been about a sense of freedom — something warm and inviting or even confidence inspiring at times.

You give up on that long grown beard, head out into the wilderness, hit on new and attractive creations, soak in some Vitamin D, savor on some fresh fruit juices, swim like a dolphin and reconnect with old & new friends. You’ve been hibernating since long and its time to unleash your inner beast or unicorn, whichever suits you best!

Sure you can go outdoors, grab a couple of beers and chill with your friends, Maybe even be cross a few things out of your bucket list, but what happens when you run out of all the adventures you can do?

What happens when there’s nothing more to talk about? Or you just run out of things to say when you spot a cute lady at the sports bar?

Don’t worry! I have got you covered :)

America is home to the world’s largest Baseball League, The MLB!

April is when all the action starts and I feel you should be part of it!

While I am not saying that you should be an ace hitter or a furious pitcher, a bit of fantasy baseball wouldn’t hurt your kickass personality!

SO sit back and hear me out, While I answer you the why!

The Ultimate Aficionado Experience

Baseball and America are intertwined. There are probably pictures of your dad at the Yankees cheering for the Cubs, your grand-pop was probably a major/minor league player and there’s memorabilia all around you! You’re a fan and fantasy baseball takes you closer to your favorite team/player. It’s your outlet to express your love towards them!

Show them your LOVE!

Be the ALPHA

Baseball is all about strategy and athleticism. The sport is vastly unpredictable and season lasts for the better part of the year. Once your draft is finished, A part of you is always managing a team and trying to put forward a great franchise. You’re connected with the team & players in real life, if he takes a hit — you feel it too. You care for their well-being, you pray on behalf of the team, its like family, but more diverse! All while you still root for your favorite team in real life!

162 games each season is no joke!
The Dopamine rush when your team/player wins is unlike anything!

Stay United

By now its already understood that you’re in fact very finicky about the people you hang out with! You look for a baseball fan in the opposite person and connect with them, be it some long lost high school sweetheart or just a person across the bar - baseball is the only thing you like to be surrounded with. It narrows down the list of people you want to be around in life. Some never ending conversations are promised as you discuss strategies, facts and your passion for the sport. Fantasy baseball is something that can be shared with everyone, Be it your co-workers, family, kids and neighbors, the love for the game bonds us together tightly.

Nothing Matters!

The Better Romantic

Let me just put this straight! Fantasy baseball fanatics are just better lovers. They are special, rare and extremely dedicated. They keep track of all the little things and never give up easily. Finally they actually take you on the best dates of your life. It creates this fun and lovable version of you who is simply too hard to resist!

Provided you both love the same things in life!


I know you have been waiting for this. So yes, apparently a lot of money is involved (read billions). It could be as little as 10$ to something in the ballpark of a million dollars if you enter the leagues. As much as everything is just a make believe setup, high tech gaming industries are banking on it to make it worth your time, effort and money. But mostly its just the love of the game and the camaraderie.

Fantasy Baseball helps you stay connected with people, push your brain’s gray matter to its limits and even help you find the love of your life. Oh, maybe even some money along the way! So what are you waiting for? Get on Yahoo or ESPN fantasy pages and draft your dream league!

Good Luck!