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Bohmermann and Erdogan

I kind of enjoy the West’s struggle with Erdogan. When they supported him in the beginning, they were warned by some of the Turkish journalists; however, warnings were dismissed and those people were insulted as “Kemalist elites” by the western media.

Everyone saw their moves as legit democratic steps just because they were simply elected. Some even expressed that the worst democratic results are better than the best undemocratic ones. If one knows Turkey’s late history, these statements are understandable because the army and military coups damaged the country a lot. But… The protection of the elected government became so absurd that no one was allowed to criticize the ruling party. Every small attempt was undermined as a militarist and an undemocratic move.

Now, the West has a spoiled third world country dictator at its door. They have to play along with him, so that he blocks the migration wave from the east. The West got what they asked for. The only thing that saddens me is that the 40% of the Turkish population, who are educated social democrats and liberals, also have to live under Erdogan’s ruling.

We have to live now with our newborn dictator and of course Germany is not Turkey. It makes people angry when Erdogan tries to undermine German culture and uses his “migration leverage” against it. However, what they don’t understand is, Erdogan’s move is totally legal. There is a law saying that the foreign politicians cannot be insulted. It is an old law but still in effect. On the other hand, the claimant needs the governments permission to indict.

Merkel’s decision

First of all, everyone needs to understand that if Merkel would not allow Bohmermann to be sued, there were going to be two problems:

  1. the rule of law principle and separation of powers would be damaged
  2. Erdogan would use it as another leverage to show that this was a political move / assault against him.

This also shows that Erdogan’s people know the German constitution very well. I believe Bohmernmann has nothing to be afraid of. His freedom of expression and artistic rights will be protected by the court and the German constitution. And, I hope Germany will change this non-sense law for once and for all.

As my last words:

My German friends seemed to be delighted with Bohmermann’s satire. I like Bohmermann, too. His sense of humor and sarcasm is more elevated than the other political satirist in Germany. But, if he would do the same thing against Jews, for example, we would be talking about a different thing. Because his satire was not only about Erdogan, it was also about the Turks living in Germany. For example there was a Turkish flag at the Background. His poem consisted of insults which most of turkish people in Germany faced for years. For exmaple, in the State no one can use the N-word and say “that’s a freedom of speech”. Because the N-word has a trauma in its past, so do the words like “goat fucker”.

Because of Erdogan and his previous attempts to silence the German satirists, Bohmermann’s case now became the fight for the German identity. Don’t think that I believe Bohmermann’s actions should be punished. What we witness now is absurdity at its heights. Yet, they somehow don’t see how this kind of humor on the state television can be offensive to the Turkish people living there.

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