Posing: The Forgotten Art

Bodybuilding has changed dramatically since it first began, like any other sport it has gone through many phases and eras starting with the creation of bodybuilding by a man called Eugene Sandow. It moved onto the era of Steve Reeves, Reg Park and Larry Scott where it began to become more acknowledged by the public. Then the Golden Era of Bodybuilding began, seeing the likes of Serge Nubret, Sergio Olivia, Frank Zane, and of course the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger skyrocketed the sport into the public eye. Then came the 8-year reign of Lee Haney one of the must underrated Mr.Olympias, soon to be followed by Dorian Yates which begun the era of Mass Monsters whose reign continues to this day, but somewhere along those lines something happened, a part of bodybuilding that many thoughts was essential somehow became much less important. That is the art of posing, a part of the sport that is largely forgotten and neglected, almost discarded as unimportant, yet, when you look back at previous eras it was just as much a part of the sport as anything else, it was as important as diet, training, and recovery.

An Art not a Sport

Bodybuilding is an art, not a sport. We take our physiques and sculpt them into the vision we have mentally created of what we should look like, and with that we have to take the time to sculpt our physique into what we want it to be, yet after all that effort some don’t take to time to truly master how to display it? It makes no sense to go through all that and not learn to display the body the way you want it to be. Imagine an artist learning how to paint perfectly, with complete mastery of his tools, goes on to create the most magnificent art only to put by a dumpster in an alleyway.

This blog post is pretty short but here’s the takeaway, reintroduce posing into your schedule, make time for it look at bodybuilders whose posing you admire and learn from them, this is an art and learning this will take you miles in the sport and allow you to stand out on stage when standing next to others. I truly believe that posing is a huge differentiating factor and can take a great physique and make it phenomenal just look at Arnold’s physique it was amplified tenfold by his mastery of posing.

As always much love

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