Science Backed Stem Cells Therapy: An Anti Ageing Breakthrough!

Many of us might think that the journey towards a great looking skin, even at the age of your late forties or more than that can be very pricey; rendering it to be ineffective soon. As a matter of fact, the plastic surgery using knives and blades along with the wide range of up scaled chemicals for topical applications that are wrongly promising for younger looking skin can be quite captivating for many women, ultimately forcing them to be trapped in the vicious cycle. But have anyone of you thought of tossing all the procedures aside and find out a permanent solution by fixing up your biological clock at the cellular level?

Contrary to the popular belief that the ageing is just a phase that everyone has to experience; people have started understanding that it could possibly be the opening door for many dangerous, life threatening diseases, such as cancer, heart diseases, metabolic disorders, etc. Ageing at the biological level would mean the diminished ability of the body to combat against the external harmful effects. Ageing can as well referred to as the reduced proliferation and renovation at the cellular level; forcing the old, aged cells to be over functional. Thus, by all means stopping or reducing the cellular ageing would definitely reduce the risk of other associated diseases or complications; as they would never have the chances of increasing their strength due to strong immunity and cellular back up.

Anti-Ageing Skin Treatments

Well many scientists are trying to figure out the best possible deal of anti ageing, which can be implemented in reality. As per the recent study published in one of the prestigious journals of scientific community “the cell”; a team of scientists had published a data, proving the efficacy of stem cells to replenish themselves indefinitely and rejuvenate the older cells back into their primeval, younger state. Thus, in reality when these cells are isolated, enriched in the laboratory under the clean environment and infuse back at the different facial sites; these stem cells reprogram themselves and other fellow cells to reverse their cycle to look, feel and act younger. Apparently, the technique has as well been fine tuned with the help of platelet rich plasma; an autologous blood derived product with increased concentration of growth factors rich platelets. The PRP is proven to be enhancing potential of stem cells at the cellular level by recruiting different growth factors that are responsible for stem cells proliferation; a major step towards tissue regeneration.

While there is still lot to be investigated and may be after few years, science will come up with a stronger base for potential therapeutic applications of stem cells; although many people have endorsed it to be a right step towards the success. What is more exciting is probably the driving force that is being channelized to imply this kind of research practically into a clinical application.

Thus, in reality the research is clearly in a very nascent stage and we should do nothing but appreciate it; as it would be one step closer towards the disease eradication and making the ageing process optional.

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