I Will Never Write For Myself Again

It’s common knowledge amongst all writers that the best form of practice is to write for yourself.

Drown out those thoughts of approval and fear, let the words flow out of you onto paper and write something that will make you feel happy.

I believed that for a long time.

But, things change. So has my beliefs.

I noticed my skills as a writer hit a plateau after some time. My writing suffered and all the creativity I once had was snuffed out without warning. I would wake up every morning with the intent to write something good for myself but to no avail.

However, when I decided to take a sabbatical and reassess my values, I found that some of the best pieces I’ve ever written was fueled by my desire to give people something amazing.

I didn’t want to take anything from them. Those pieces of work were inspired by a carnal desire to provide — to further a cause worthy of furthering.

To this day, the work that shines far brighter than anything else is the work I write for others.

I think when you write for yourself, the desire to create something magical can be overpowered by your desire to satisfy a feeling of productivity. The act of just typing words on your screen outweighs what you write.

Maybe, just maybe, we are not the people who would read our work. So, how can we just write for ourselves?

I’m not saying this is the right approach or the only technique that works. What I’m saying is that this the best approach for my readers.

So, if you want to get better as a writer, if you want to enjoy the process, find that desire within you to give and do it for your readers.

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