Creating a tool to reveal what fruits and vegetables are locally plentiful throughout the year.

At Type/Code we primarily create digital products and experiences for our clients, so when we started Data Supply Co. as a side project, we wanted an outlet to explore topics of interest through data, and find delightful intersections between visual form, quantitative information, and utility — and have an excuse to create physical prints of our design work. The initial Hops Chart was designed to help inform beer characteristics and brewing recipes, and the Whiskey Chart helped explain the ingredients, distilling process, and classifications of whiskey.

At our studio, folks are passionate about food. From participating in our local CSA…

How a personal design project turned into a profitable product

In 2009, I took a Data Visualization class at Parsons School for Design, while simultaneously diving into the world of home brewing beer. As I dug into both of these new explorations, my curiosity for understanding how hops impact the beer recipes I was working on naturally converged with a need to visualize this phenomena.

My curiosity was also piqued by the book Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels, which took a deep dive into how the acid content in hops established a beer’s bitterness, and how the various oils in hops impact the flavors and aromas of beer when…

It’s 8:17 in the morning. You are rushing through the crowd of people on the platform to get onto that train before the doors slam close, and you are oh so grateful that the boiling hot cup of coffee you are cradling like a rugby ball has a sealed plastic lid on it, saving you and your fellow travelers from a splattering of 2nd degree burns.

But once safe in the moving train, with coffee ready to be consumed, things start to get messy. You tear and peel the un-perforated plastic lid to reveal a jagged drink-hole, dousing your fingers…

Zeke Shore

Founder + Creative Director at Type/Code, an interaction design studio in Brooklyn, NY or @typecode

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