Different Perspectives: Pigeon

Good morning world. The sun is shining, the ladies are fineing and I’m feeling good. Daaaaaaym. What’s that down there? A G-Wagon. Daaaaaaym. What a beautiful box. So shiny I can see my reflection in it. And I look sexy.


“OIIIIIII!!!! You damn pigeon. You think your tough taking a dump on my car. You know how much this is worth you flying rat. You’re lucky you can fly, otherwise I’d kill the lot of ya!”

BWAAHAHAAHHAHAHA. These humans. Do they not know I don’t understand their language? I can tell he is mad though. Funny creatures. They trap themselves in boxes all day. Live in a box, travel in a box, work in a box, wake up in a box and die in a box. They in love with confining themselves. Do they not see the freedom they could have? Boxes aren’t even an attractive shape, so straight and edgy but stable I guess.

Almost at the field now. Swooosssssh.

Looks like a few people are having food down there on that table. Let’s have a look. Never been able to land smoothly. Always feels weird when I’m on the ground. Almost doesn’t feel natural. Being bounded to the earth isn’t fun at all. A little snack. Delicious. This has a tangy taste to it. These people sure do know how to eat. I like how they treat me like a king. Paying their taxes to the pigeon. More, pay up boy, give me more food. Peasant.

“Damn pigeon. Get out of here.” Swoosh

You can’t kick me. I have the reflexes of a pigeon. I don’t blame you though. Trying to revolt against your king but you will pay your taxes.

This human seems to be sucking on the fire stick. Sharron told me this is called having a smoke. Smells disgusting but the smoke is captivating. The way the smoke rises in the air, dancing, glittering and poof. It’s gone. One with the air around it. That’s how it feels to fly.

He flicked it at me. Ouch that burned. You think your tough? I can fly away whenever I wish from your revolt. They say love is painful but you love your pain. You are the only animal that would keep burning yourself every day just for the pleasure. And then you think your tough, since you can’t escape your pain. HAHAHA. Enjoy your slow painful death.

Pigeon out.

M. S. Dawood

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