1 box 2 box 3 box 4,

1 box 2 box 3 box 4,

wat you doing son

stop being dumb

go out there

grab your freedom

Bird in a cage

Been locked in for days

Don’t know what it’s like

To feel the free breeze

Feeling very dazed

That’s become normal

Look at these people

Trapped in the bottle,

Sober is boredom

Need to escape

Need to feel freedom

Feeling insane

Bird in a cage

Fed by the hand

Better not bite

He’ll go mad

Who is this man

Hardly ever see him

Slaving for days

Never appreciates

Why am I doing this?

The corporate world?

Why am I so dependent

On this cubicle?

Here he comes

‘Hello Son.’

I shake his hand,

The grip is firm,

Want to rip it off

And grab my freedom

Bird in a cage

I can see the sky

Look at those silly birds

Flying so high

They do not know

There is more to life

Always having a laugh

Get serious.

Should be serving master

Get sustenance.

So have to keep working

Relying on him

Can’t do it for myself

Pressure driving me thin.

That’s is I quit.

I’m leaving.

Here I come,

Beautiful freedom

You lied to me.

You seduced me.

A sorcerous.


Full of false promises,


Had so many dreams.

But now,

Living on the streets.

I wanted my freedom,

But couldn’t handle it

And the last possession

I must now emit.

This bird of mine,

Opening the cage

I grab him

I feel free breeze

Master don’t do this,

I’m feeling scared.

But this feeling.

Feels so natural

What am I doing?

I’m flying.

What sorcery?


An enchantress.


I laugh, such joy.

Never saw the attraction.

But full of promise.

Is this freedom

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