Of umbrellas, transducers, reactive streams & mushrooms (Pt.1)

Mar 4 · 8 min read


Long tails everywhere — Package file sizes of all current thi.ng/umbrella projects
Dataflow graph example — Live demo / Source code (needs updating)
Pump & dump in action — Crypto-currency SVG live chart - Live demo / Source code
thi.ng/hdom benchmark — Live demo / Source code
Incremental Voronoi / Delaunay via Quad-edge data structure of 20k Poisson-disk sampled points, accelerated using kD-Tree spatial indexing
Transducer based Figlet style bitmap font transformer — Live demo / Source code
Recursive polygon tessellation & thi.ng/hdom-canvas visualization — Live demo / Source code
D0 & stochastic L-Systems made w/ thi.ng/lsys
Minimal Markdown parser / hiccup converter — Live demo / Source code
Sine-plasma effect w/ realtime multi-contour extraction — Live demo / Source code
hdom virtual scroller component with fuzzy search — Live demo / Source code
Worker based, interactive Mandelbrot explorer with cosine gradient colorization — Live demo / Source code
Interactive, additive wave synthesis SVG visualization — Live demo / Source code

Where to go from here…

Welcome to Shroomania!

Screenshot of the current state of Shroomania — Play it @ demo.thi.ng/shroomania.
Cellular automata example used as starting point for the game — Live demo / Source code



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Computational design, data, TypeScript, Clojure/script, C

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