Install OCI-CLI quick setp-by-step guide

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Configure the user access for the CLI:

You are now ready to configure the CLI with your OCI tenant account. For that you need to create the API signing keys. Let’s create the keys directory (if not already created during the install), the default location is “.oci” directory in your home profile. I’m using the same directory in this article:

screen capture from user interface settings in OCI console
screen capture in creating the API Signing Key
caption example image of the key fingerprint

Configure your OCI tenant with the CLI:

Now we need to configure the CLI with your OCI tenant, for this we need to create the configuration file. Create the “config” file on your OCI-CLI home folder, in our case “.oci” directory in the home profile, copy the contents listed here to the file you create:

screen capture the show OCI region location
screen capture from the output OCI-CLI command



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