Why it's so hard to fly?

Last week I had the opportunity to present my startup idea to one of the biggest Brazilian investors on america, FundersCub venture investor Pedro Sorrentino. And on this chat, specially on the "you have to find a CTO co founder" topic, he suggested that I should write this text and spread the word to world and see what would the world would send me back. So, let's see it.

Months a go, on a business meeting at the design agency that I work, it stroke me a business idea. Let me ask you this: Is it you who buys your own air tickets? If it is a yes, then on this moment, just to remember it, you've had a feeling, right? A mix of panic, stress and exaustion that everybody has when they have to search and buy their own air tickets.

Why is that? And I tell you, it's a global phenomenon, it's because, if you are not a billionaire, even if it is a business trip, chances are that you need to maintain your budget to a minimum, and most of the times the standard is: cheapest ticket ever. And sometimes, by these reasons mixed with that feeling we talked about earlier the outcome is just one: you don't travel.

This way you don't get to visit your clients, relatives and friends that live on other states. You don't go on meetings to new clients, franchisees or units of your company. You don't do courses or visit conferences. And, I bet you, in 100% of the cases, if asked people would say that they know that all of these things are vital to their lives/business/jobs/careers.

Does it have to be like this? In a world of AirBnb, Uber and Instacart, does flying still have to be so hard?

That's how Voosi was born. Can you imagine in app you just have to say where and when you want to go? Or even better, just by accepting an invite on your e-mail or calendar, it automatically makes your ticket reservation? Imagine, you who took a job in other city, can visit your parents, son, girlfriend every month without worrying how much you are going to spend? Or you, business man or sales person, can visit your clients wherever they are, keeping relationship close and generating more business? How about all of that on a cheap monthly fixed subscription?

Liked the Idea? Want this app? Want to help me bring this to market? Just send me a message and I will be happy to chat with you too.