How to create differentiating products in the face of AI democratization

I have the privilege of hosting Avi (VP — Data Sciences, AI & ML, InMobi), Hong Ting (CEO and Cofounder, Botbot.AI) and Kenny (Head of R&D Singapore, DataRobot) during the recent Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 conference. Here are the key takeaways.

Q: What is AI and does the definition matter?

  • From computer science angle, what we deem as “AI” in recent news is just Narrow AI — machines that can do a single task well like self-driving cars, AlphaGo, Google Home and so on. We are still very far away from General AI — the likes of J.A.R.V.I.S. from Ironman movies that can think, communicate and act in a wide range of activities, just like an average person. Artificial Superintelligence — AI that goes beyond the limits of human thoughts is just a pipe dream at the moment. Ultimately, the definition might not matter as much as the fantastic technologies we build in pursuit of next level developments in AI.

Q: Are AI tools only for the big companies with big budgets? Why should startups or SMEs care about AI?

Q: Will self-service AI tools like DataRobot, Google Cloud AI, AWS ML replace the need for data scientists?

Q: Lots of companies are going with the mobile-first strategy, what are some of the unique opportunities and challenges that mobile offers to building AI products?

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