What does silence means to you?

I don’t think silence’s presence is for to be filled in by crowds. Silence is beautiful, and it is beautiful to respect it.

No crowds doesn’t mean there is no conflict, doesn’t mean lazy to open the mouth,doesn’t try to be happy nor sad, does create fear in the small atmosphere in the open place. Does create love for those who brave to embrace it, doesn’t mean alone. We can be both enjoy the silence together. My darling, my future darling isn’t someone i meet by talk. It is someone that we can enjoy the silence together :)

It matters if the little heart can’t hold to speak in the silence. It’s OK, because I love, too to talk something deep. I want our meet in silence. The moment of silence. The moment of silence that we enjoy together. He is my darling.

It’s like, silence is the source of the Universe. Whenever you (me) are closer to the silence, and so I am closer with Universe, and there I feel a stronger vibe, good or bad.

The music is created from silence, too. That’s why it sounds beautiful, but it too, cracks the crowds open. There is energy, flowing from the music, flowing from the silence, the real source of it. The deep think, the strong meaning comes in when one acknowledge and accept the fact. The heart lets the words fell and walks in to the mind. The mind is where all started from, with the silence enables the opportunity of enhancing stronger thougts, or feeling, enables ones’ believes into reality.

What does the silence means to you? (because I am not unique, right?)

Maybe I am sick of the relationship I’m hanging right now. Maybe I hear too much crowds and sick of it. Maybe I just missed the strong realtionship when we can talk in the silence. Maybe expressing that I missed silence is the right thing to do, regardless of whatever result, at the end embracing is the right thing. Maybe i am just too sad that i saw pity in the crowds. Because that doesn’t bring up with a heart.

Maybe i was wrong. Maybe it’s me that i acknowledge the voices that i am sick of as C R O W D it’s because i am sick of listening to it.

To speak naturaly… = to listen withouth thinking of my own. When I am nearby to end aka. Near-end, I felt alive the most. But whenever I “tried” to be alive.. I lose all the meaning already :(

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