8 Things your Boss expects you know about Data Science

Data Science is getting more and more popular in the past few years. There are new studies and implementations almost every day. And that's awesome! In this post you will find 8 topics you need to know if you are interested in the Data Science world.

1. There’s no Magic

Okay, maybe. But not in Mathematics. We have numbers, formulas, results. In Data Science we also have observations, hypothesis, prototyping and failure. Be patient, don’t give up and you’ll have good results.

2. Clean your data

Data is never clean. At least, not clean enough for you to build a model right of the bat. You’ll spend most of your time cleaning your data. And that’s important. Dirty data results in dirty models.

3. Machine Learning is not everything

Machine Learning is a powerful tool. But it’s not everything. Sometimes, to solve a problem or to prove a hypothesis you don’t need just Machine Learning. In fact, sometimes you don’t even need to use it.

4. Be creative

Knowing all libraries, algorithms and techniques doesn’t make you a better Data Scientist. Don’t be fully dependent on them. Open your mind. Listen. Think. Study. Be creative.

5. Code more. Code better.

So you know how to code. Really? If you have a good model, you need to have a good code. Remember that, at the end, everything depends on it. Always (always!) write a powerful code to support your models.

6. Show the value

Spend more time on visualizations to show the real value behind your solutions. Also remember that if you can’t prove your model works, it won’t at all.

7. More data, better results

You won’t get good results if you feed your Neural Net with 100 samples. You need to have a good amount of data to see good outcomes.

8. Don't stop learning

Don’t be just another one in the world. There are a lot of good papers and trainings in the web. Go ahead and study.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Feel free to leave your comment!
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