How long does it take for you to know someone very well? Next, what is your level of tolerance towards the person? Have you ever wondered why did you tolerated that individual? Many would say that they are pretty much stuck with that person because they are family. How about those who don’t possess any blood relation with you? Then some might say that individual is my friend, colleague, boss, neighbour, lover and etc…For every question there seems to be an answer. We are always focused on producing the right, best and perfect answer that we fail to focus on the depth of a question.

We tend to only act because there is a reason or a motive behind it. Why do we care for someone? Why do we think about someone? As you are reading my questions, your brain has already fetched for its answers. This is us, programmed to seek only the right answers, even I am to be blamed in becoming a culprit in quest for answers. For years I searched for the why’s, that I missed living that moment. What is done cannot be undone, the heart does not erase what had felt. I had ample of questions but just a few answers.

During the rough times of my life, many shunned me, mocked me, humiliated me, used me but very few stood by me and only one was there for me.Who am I to you? The only question which would run in my mind? It was not as simple as it seems. I was insecure of my position that I regret losing the connection. Why should there be an answer, some questions are better left unanswered. It safes us a lot of pain and suffering. Thank you for being an anchor in my life for a decade. We might not have realise how important and valuable a person is to our lives, until we lose them. It took me a very long time to realise it and years for me to accept it. Always take a moment and look back at those memories close to your heart. The beauty of life need not to be seen but only felt.

Friendship of smiles,

Fragrance of bonding,

The boon of first love that I lost forever…

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