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Last week, a good friend of mine told me his company invited him to React Europe 2019. The thing is, he is an Angular developer, and doesn’t know the first thing about React. While React Europe will probably feature some non React stuff, it would be a shame if he loses out on all the React stuff, so I decided to write something for him to get started really quickly and learn some React before the event!

What you need to know about the philosophy behind React

It’s a framework. But not the kind of framework that gives you everything. They have decided to solve one problem, and solve it well. I don’t know how Angular works, but what I know is that they give you a myriad of tools and rules, like a router, an http client, a recommended architecture, etc. …

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While I’m not a heavy Instagram user, my girlfriend is. She loves photography and uses Instagram to publish her pictures. One day, she read a medium article by Tim Grossmann where he explains how he created a bot to automate the boring parts of Instagram: liking and following people that are related to what you do. If you haven’t read it, go ahead, it’s very well documented.

She asked me if I could write something similar, something she could use without even knowing how to write code, and I came up with go-instabot!

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The requirements were at the time rather…

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I remember the days where we had to write approximately one thousand .config files to get some Javascript app up and running. Nowadays, everyone I know is using browserify or webpack, either directly or through a boilerplate of some sort, like create-react-app.

A few months ago, another one entered the competition:*Gjhk6qvPM5zAy1iPPS1ttg.png

There are many web application bundlers out there with huge adoption, including webpack and browserify. So, why do we need another one? The main reasons are around developer experience.

Don’t get me wrong, webpack is fine. But when I see these kinds of benchmarks, I feel like I’m missing out on something…


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