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A “continuous SAFE” for always open equity offerings

We founded Fairmint to transition the world toward a stakeholder capitalism. Our decade-long experience as entrepreneurs and investors has helped us forge our conviction that tomorrow’s successful companies will be those that let their community participate in their success. This is why Fairmint exists: to give founders the opportunity to turn their equity into their most powerful community engagement tool.

Today, we’re announcing the CAFE: Continuous Agreement for Future Equity.

We partnered with Collins Belton from Brookwood Law and Gabriel Shapiro from Belcher Smolen Van Loo LLP, to create the CAFE as a new alternative to the SAFE. …

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Live footage of a panda experiencing the power of bonding curves

TL;DR To launch a Continuous Securities Offering, get in touch with us. However, if you’re looking to build a custom approach to continuous financing or simply want a smart-contract implementing linear bonding curves, you should definitely consider re-using and integrating our smart-contracts into your product. Fairmint has put a great care into building a set of high-quality smart-contracts that will lay the foundation of continuous financing and, today, we’re releasing them in Open Source under GPL v3 license.

Security is not an option

First a bit of context. When we released the initial continuous organization whitepaper in October 2018, many people reached out to know if some smart-contract was already available and — as it wasn’t — proposed to start coding a 1st version themselves. At that time, we urged the community to be patient and wait until we release our own smart-contracts. …

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TL;DR If your revenues are growing, launch your CSO to get financing at public market valuation. Anyone in the world who supports your product & mission will be able to invest, while you retain full ownership of your company and stay focused on what matters most: developing your business! A paradigm shift.

When we started working on Fairmint 18 months ago, our goal was simple: create the most efficient and sustainable financing mechanism for entrepreneurs, investors and customers alike. …

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At Fairmint, we help ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build thriving, long-lasting & equitable companies raise capital globally and continuously.

But there’s only one problem: it is simply not possible to do that with the financing options available to entrepreneurs today.

A few weeks ago, we introduced a new financing model for the digital era: the Continuous Securities Offering (CSO). A CSO is a continuous, global and equitable financing method that enables anyone who believes in what you are doing to invest at any time.

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Following the publication of the Continuous Organizations whitepaper, there was lots of feedback that greatly helped me to improve and (hopefully) finalize the Continuous Organizations model. This article summarizes those changes.

The Continuous Organization whitepaper just got updated to version 1.0. Even though many improvements were minor, some were significant. These improvements address the shortcomings that were found in the previous version. If you have no idea what a Continuous Organization is, I suggest you read this introduction before reading further.

Removal of automatic dividends

In v0.9 of the whitepaper, a dividend function would trigger the minting of new tokens (called FAIRs in the Continuous Organization model) and their distribution to existing FAIRs holders. Likewise, when the pay() function was called, a fraction of the revenues were used to mint new FAIRs and distribute them to existing FAIRs holders. This dividend mechanism no longer exists in v1.0 …

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who took the time to read and digest my work on Continuous Organizations. All the feedback, questions and comments that I have received have been not only very heart-warming but also truly helpful in identifying areas of improvement in the model.

On the downside, I quickly got overwhelmed by questions. I did the best I could to answer all of them (sorry if I did not yet answer yours) but, in order to scale that a little bit, I thought it would be better to organize a meetup to answer all questions and have it recorded. That’s what we did with the help of The Family in November 2018. …

Leveraging crypto to build more efficient, inclusive and robust organizations

During the last decade of my life as an entrepreneur, I’ve had the opportunity to create different types of organizations: a (VC-backed) for-profit, a non-profit and even a political party. This experience gave me a unique perspective on the strengths and limitations of each type of organization. It also made me realize how incredibly difficult it is to build a fast-growing organization that strongly aligns stakeholders’ financial interests over the long term. While this clearly does not prevent great businesses from being built, it hampers society by preventing more large-scale, positive-impact organizations from emerging.

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Few people know that the VC model that the majority of people think is “normal” is really the same one that drove whaling back in the 19th century. Captains and their crew raised money to go hunt whales on a high-risk / high-reward promise. Even if we can, to a certain extent, agree that whaling and creating a startup share some common characteristics (risk, drama, little boats on a big sea…), it is also absolutely stunning that the financing model of high-risk ventures has barely seen any improvement for over 2 centuries! …

Reinventing the financial incentives of organizations using Bonding Curves

TL;DR Aligning stakeholders’ interests in an organization is hard. The current fundraising models (ICO or private fundraising) impose significant limitations on the mechanisms available to align stakeholders’ interests. A Continuous Organization (CO) is a new model designed to make organizations more fluid and more robust by overcoming those limitations. Using the Continuous Organization model, organizations can set themselves in continuous fundraising mode while benefiting from solid and flexible mechanisms to align stakeholders’ interests in their financial success. A detailed (ICO-less!) white paper is available here.

This post focuses on presenting the Continuous Organization model. Feel free to head over to this section of our white paper to get more context about the problems that exist with today’s organizations. …

Decusis is a fullstack organisation helping entrepeneurs learn, connect and succeed in the decentralised space. As part of our mission, we are actively working to bridge the different crypto ecosystems across Europe. Through the events we’ve held over the past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with the crypto communities in Berlin, London and Paris — and we were blown away by the talent, energy and the potential we’ve seen.

Berlin 🔐 — The Barycentre of Crypto Developers

It’s all revolving around Berlin. The city is impressive in its density of crypto developer talents and numerous high profile decentralised projects (see below) are based in Berlin. There is a fluidity of talents between the projects as well, with a strong sense of community among them (most of them will soon gather in the new Fullnode space dedicated to crypto). Berlin also regularly hosts world-class conferences, the next one being Blockstack Berlin on March 2nd. …

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I am overly excited to announce that I am joining The Family as CEO of Decusis, a full stack organization committed to advancing the crypto ecosystem through knowledge, network and capital. I’m also joining The Family as a Part-time Director with a special focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies-related activities.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. My first real company (read: “that had tangible recurring revenues”) company was Allmyapps, which I co-founded with Arnaud Coulondre. It was the first app store for Windows, we raised €2.3M, had over 3M users and reached profitability before things started going downhill. …



CEO @ Fairmint, next generation financing services

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