How to create the perfect birthday invitation with Joynit

Thibault Court
Jun 4, 2019 · 3 min read

Are you still on Facebook? We all go less and less on Facebook. Have you ever tried to organise your birthday party on Whatsapp?

Well, it might be just fine if you have only 4 friends… but what if you plan to organise a proper birthday party? You’ll need a killer events management app like Joynit to send the perfect invitations and manage RSVP online!

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The day I tried to organize my birthday party on WhatsApp

I created a new group (one more!), added my 30 favorite contacts and started to the conversation asking when my friends would be available.

After 50 “hello” notifications and private jokes I made an attempt to post an external Doodle link to collect RSVP in a more organize manner. Good try…but no one opened the link. I finally decided to follow-up directly on the conversation, scrolling up and reading through 153 messages…

Finally came my birthday. After a few phone calls to repeat the adress everybody arrived. “Gossh, we’re only 7” on the 20 who initially said they could make it…

One half of my invitees simply forgot because they didn’t have the invite confirmation in their calendar and the other half had disactivated notifications on the group conversation. Never mind, I had enough food and beer to survive for the next decade!

What if I had Joynit ? How does Joynit work to send the perfect event invitations online?

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Simply create your birthday event on Joynit using the mobile app or directly on the website The joynit event creation process is really simple and intuitive, it won’t take you more than a minute.

Then, invite your guests on the app, by email, SMS or simply sharing the event link. You can easily import a guest list comprised of email and/or phone numbers. Joynit will send the invitation for you!

If you’re not sure about the date, include a date poll in your Joynit event. Invitees will be able to cast their vote for their preferred date. Upon confirmation of the date and venue, all your invitees will be automatically informed.

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joynit creates all-in-one interactive event pages

Joynit is smart - It will send notifications, email or SMS reminders to make sure nobody forgots. As a host, you can send a personalized email and SMS messages to your all your invitees to share important information.

Joynit is connected - Invitations can be directly synced to their usual calendar. The app is connected to Uber, CityMaper and Google map so that your guests can easily find their way and be on time.

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Joynit event creation is available on web and mobile

Create your first event now on and impress your guests with the perfect birthday invitation online!

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