Defining and Prototyping Dailymotion’s Innovation Platform


The world is moving, and it is moving faster and faster. We are at the beginning of a Digital revolution and a company mustn’t miss the train.

Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platforms in the world, offering a mix of content from users, independent creators and premium partners. The service is available all around the world, in 18 different languages and 35 localized versions featuring local home pages and local content.
The aim of our project is to conceptualize a digital and internal platform in order for Dailymotion employees to propose ideas and develop their own projects. Developing an innovation process within the company is a key element to growth and value creation, moreover for a tech company like Dailymotion. Our product, once implemented, will allow Dailymotion employees to create and implement easily new features to help the company face the competition.

What tool can be created in order for the employees of every department in the company to propose their ideas and have the opportunity to move them into real projects? Which incentives should they be given to stimulate the flow of ideas?


We have been studying what was the innovating process for some digital companies. Our benchmark includes the different ways to access innovation for Spotify, Salesforce, AT&T, Google, Facebook, IBM and Liberty Bank. It was very interesting to notice that all these companies had chosen different ways to make their employees creative. For example, we have seen that sometimes the proposition of ideas involves external sources or it can be strictly internal.

We are considering to mix all the results of the different steps for these companies, and chose the most adapted to Dailymotion employees / business model.

At AT&T, similar process has been implemented and it has been a success since the platform now can count on more than 130k members overs the US and 54 countries. 28k ideas have been submitted into the TIP community since its inception. To date, the program has landed more than 75 projects to development and allocated $44M to fund ideas.

We also know that Dailymotion employees are very likely to be part of such an innovative process, given that similar workshops have already been implemented and have led to very positive feedbacks from the employees, such as these answers to the question “what do you like most about the SWAT process?”:

“Cross team working which is very stimulating and interesting”

“Ability to work on cross-squad subjects”

“Provides the ability for cross squad work”

“Task force on needs and projects that benefit the whole company”

“Great way to work on subjects out of our squad scope”

“Making teams of people from different squads”.

Project Description

At the beginning of January, we plan to present a complete and detailed, easy to implement and efficient innovation process to the company. It will be based on our research of what competitors do, what works well and what is irrelevant, and of course, Dailymotion’s employees needs and preferences. Both the company and its employees (who will be able to drive their own project) will benefit from it, moreover, financial impact on the company are not negligible.


  • Any employee at Dailymotion, 30 years old, dynamic, flexible and full of ideas. He or she wants to have an impact on the evolution of the company.
  • Top manager, 35 years old, with a very global view of the various departments and of the orientation the company should take. Wants to get more in touch with the employees who are directly linked to the core working of the company.

The target audience is Dailymotion’s engineering department. It’s a global team consisting of around 100 employees with a variety of skills: developers, creative, marketing, analysts and administrators. So the real challenge is to build a platform that engages all types of people.

Value proposition:

“The way employees are treated is the way they will treat your customers.”

The impact of innovation at Dailymotion will be huge, as many projects will be developed, leading to constant and strong improvement of the company. The main goal is to increase employees’ engagement.

Acquisition strategy: it is not relevant to our project as our platform will be exclusively used by Dailymotion employees. However, our goal will be to make our tool being effectively used by most employees.

Goals and objectives/research question

Our goal is to stimulate innovation at Dailymotion as a result of ideas proposed by all employees. This is all about creating an environment of innovation, where the ideas spread from the bottom.


  • Identify each step of innovation (how to make someone find an idea ? how to help him create ? which idea has to be selected ?). For some steps, measurable KPIs exist (number of votes, average time of implementation, funds needed to launch a prototype…)
  • Collect specific and precise data concerning the employees needs and preferences (we already proposed a survey to send them and we are planning to drive some interviews)
  • Create a prototype of the platform
  • Make our tool being accepted and supported by the employees

Benefits & anticipated outcomes

For employees:

  • Enhance their commitment
  • Boost their creativity
  • Improve their daily life at work
  • Support, team work, close-knit team

For Dailymotion:

  • Financial benefit
  • Better processes & back office management
  • Increasement of innovation
  • Even more friendly working environment
  • Better identification of the issues to be worked on as it comes from the bottom

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