I am an Email BITCH from Hell … And Proud of It!
Melanie Rockett

While I enjoy the spirit of this post, and the fact you are taking control of that inbox, how is this being a “bitch”? The emails you are unsubscribing to are the equivalent to declining a receipt from the gas station. They are robots.

I normally love your articles (and I love this one as well), but that nagged at me the entire time I read this.

Congratulations on discovering you were the issue, and taking the important steps to resolve it!

As for inbox zero techniques:

  1. Unsubscribe from newsletters (all of them as they come in) if you don’t read them right away. I do this with medium and therefore read those suggested articles daily.
  2. Set a time of the day to complete your shallow work (checking email). Don’t check it 100 times per day. If you have a job in which you communicate over email and need to be responsive, you need to think to yourself: are there more effective ways to communicate? Should I be using email? Can I set expectations that I only respond to email once or twice per day? You’d be surprised how irrelevant email becomes when you simply only work in it once or twice per day.
  3. Stop sending emails. Another reason people get so many emails is they send them. They respond and keep the chain going.
  4. Use unroll.me. It’s a newsletter unsubscriber that will automate the process.

There are lots more, but those are good to get you started. I can’t wait until email is obsolete.