The Era of Social Media

It is amazing to be a child of the early 80s and like most of the generations that came before mine, have to learn of a new world, the world of social media.

This is a world that seems to allow all sorts of things, and unlike in a world where you are face to face with people, and somehow there has always been a veil that sort of cautions people, In social media the veil is off, now anyone and everyone says whats on their mind, terrible or otherwise, No one seems to care, not even wonder how this makes them “look” and how this “will affect” the person on the receiving end. People’s feelings have seized to exist, or seized to matter and this is really sad.

I sit and wonder, whatever happened to actually caring at the very least about yourself, and the image you will have if you openly say something negative about another human being. When did it be ok to say out loud, every thought that comes to mind, without some due process of filtering… Constructive criticism is out the window, enter pure mean-ness…

I miss an era where lines were visible, where caution was exercised and being mean was not “cool and brave and direct…”

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