How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately — Natural Remedies to Prevent Baldness

Reason for Hair falling for Men and Women

Home Remedies for Hair Fall for Men and Women

Why Natural Remedies Work vs Pharmaceutical or Chemically Created Drugs

Top 3 Hair loss Myths you Should Stay Away from!

  1. DHT causes hair loss — way too many articles talk about DHT, a by product of testosterone. This is not accurate. DHT build-up causes inflammation, which then causes hair falling out of the hair root. This is why DHT shampoos and products don’t work well — if you are doing scalp massage regularly, and using the Taoist soap, you won’t get inflammation as there won’t be DHT build-up and local inflammation will be halted.
  2. Minoxidil stops hair thinning: Not true. This was a drug designed for helping heart patients and it increased the size of blood vessels to prevent patient of having a heart attack. They found that it may help with hair growth on topical application — however after long term use, it stops, and causes more hair loss at very fast speeds — say away from this — it does not help despite what people have said about that.
  3. Propecia/Finasteride for hair: This again, is built to stop hormones in a certain way and is theoretically meant to stop hair loss — again — this is not true — as we said, inflammation is the root cause of hair loss, even if DHT or other hormones affect it, you can still control hair loss with the methods mentioned above — if you stop hormones using these drugs, they will work short term, and mess up your hormone system permanently — so even if you stop taking it, you will find it harder to fix your hormones and have dangerous side effects.

Hair Products that you should Stay away from

  1. Nizoral Treatment: They say it is used to calm inflammation from propecia, but this also proves propecia/finasteride causes inflammation, which further proves, how dangerous these drugs are — they do not affect hair growth positively in the long term — even if some people on forums claim they do — usually those forums, are selling the products itself. So please be very careful.
  2. Androgen Blocking Treatments: There are many products that are sold as proven androgen blocking treatments, and used for preventative methods. If you are already doing the regime talked about above, you would be increasing circulation in the scalp, reducing inflammation, without paying hundreds of dollars per month. S5 cream is one such product to stay away from, and similar androgen blockers — you are better off increasing circulation via direct (scalp massage) and indirect (cardio) methods to remove inflammation and prevent further hair falling out.
  3. DHT blocking Treatments: Products like Revivogen, and other DHT blockers that are sold as preventative products, are a total waste of your money — why? Because DHT is not the cause of hair loss — DHT buildup from lack of circulation, which then causes inflammation is the cause — if you increase circulation, and use the methods of scalp massage, nutrients density and Taoist soap, you will have bypassed the DHT nonsense every hair loss site is talking about to sell you more useless products.
  4. Tricomin Treatments: This is sold as a stimulation product — the most useless product of them all — we had to mention it, as there is little good information on this out there, and many people end up wasting their money to try it out. This won’t get you any closer when you are trying to find ways on how to prevent hair fall naturally for male and females.
  5. Kourosh Treatments: Again, one of the treatments that tackle DHT blocking. They have since removed this in some forums who talked about it, possibly due to another product taking its place — please do not buy.
  6. Laser Comb: This has been known for many years, even featured in movies like Anger Management — yes, you guessed, it does not work. It was said to stimulate hair, because it may warm the region, which has been blocked and calcified from lack of circulation — you can simply do scalp massage daily and get 10000% more circulation and inflammation reduction.
  7. Ketoconazole-based Shampoo Treatments: Again, like Regenepure and Nizoral, sold for DHT related markets — but as we have already pointed out many times in this article, DHT blockers will NOT grow hair, nor will they directly stop inflammation as the source that feeds inflammation is sugar, fat and carbohydrates. These are often targeted as hair fall treatments for men at home — but these are not effective at all.

Artificial Hair Thickening Products — Risk Analysis

Summary Video on Treatment:





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Naturally Thicken Hair

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