How to Stop Hair Fall — Remedies to Reduce Hair Fall

The Treatments in this article can help you stop hair fall in just 2 weeks; if you start these home remedy treatments for reducing hair fall, and practice it diligently without taking a break — 2 weeks is usually enough to see immediate results; even seeing regrowth of new hair on the scalp, for both, men and women.

Let’s look at the top home hair fall remedies below, and see which ones are the best and most effective — the chart shows the most effective ones you will ever find.

Reason for Hair falling for Men and Women

The reason for hair fall, or hair loss, is often never understood by many doctors and scientists — this is because it is not always clear what caused it — but there is one correlation for hair falling in men and women, and all types of hair fall — and this is inflammation. Inflammation is what causes hair fall, and also lack of nutrients for hair as well as blood supply.

The other reasons for hair falling out can be as simple as high liver toxicity, as well as poor diet.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall for Men and Women

1. Taoist soap: The process which makes hair fall happen, is inflammation on the scalp. If you stop inflammation, you stop hair fall. The Taoist soap, which you can buy online, can help fully stop hair fall in men and women because it works by stopping inflammation in the scalp, and roots of the hair follicles. The hair follicles stop becoming inflamed and keep producing good quality thick hair. This soap is designed for scalp and skin, and can make your skin and scalp very healthy, and in turn, hair growth on the scalp is of better quality.

2. Scalp Circulation: The other reason hair fall can occur, is lack of blood circulation and gravity. This is because the vessels in the scalp are so very thin, that it only has space for 1 blood cell at a time. This means that it can get blocked very easily over time, especially if you have a fat rich diet. To prevent and recover from this situation, a good start is stopping eating fat and carb loaded foods, and starting to do scalp massage on a daily basis — this must be done everyday for at least 15–30 minutes.

A good video to show you scalp massage is as follows — she also explains further on why scalp massage is so vital to any hair growth regime:

3. Liver Cleanse: This is common in many people over 30 years of age. This is because enough time has passed, where your body has accumulated hormone residue inside the liver, which did not get removed properly. This can be cleaned and taken care of, by taking Stinging Nettle Leaf extract everyday. This is very cheap, and very effective. A bonus will be that this also brightens the skin and complexion in a very healthy and natural way.

The reason it needs to be removed is, hormone residue in the liver makes the body think there is already enough of that hormone, so it does not create more of whatever hormone residue in the liver, causing an imbalance of hormone, and increasing blood toxicity. It is the most gentle way you can detox your liver and Kidneys, and it will also increase your capacity to become less allergic to things you normally are allergic.

4. Diet (Nutrient Density): If you are already doing all the above, and don’t see results, chances are, you are not supplying enough nutrients to your body OR your body is not absorbing the nutrients you are supplying. This is important to understand, because many people think they have a healthy diet full, but they don’t realize their stomach lining is not allowing nutrients to be absorbed — this is a problem that starts to develop after the age of 27 years old — and can easily be solved if you are consistent and work towards staying healthy — it also happens from hormone imbalance (insulin). If insulin is not stable, you won’t absorb nutrients correctly.

The first step in increasing nutrient supply is to take collagen — this means beef based collagen supplements. Why beef? Because beef collagen is the most bioavailable collagen that you can find, and it is the key building blocks of hair, skin and bones. You can try yourself, by using another type of collagen, such as fish based or plant based, and looking at the results — the body finds it easiest to absorb beef based collagen — if your belief system does not let you eat beef, then perhaps view it as a medicine, and don’t think you are taking beef, but for medical purposes, as your body needs it right now to recover, and then you can stop when you are healed.

5. Cold Showers: When working to reduce hair fall, you must make sure you don’t use very hot water when taking a shower. Medium heat is okay — but when you finish showering, then rinse your head (only head not body) — with cold water. This method has helped many people stop inflammation in the scalp, and will work great when combined with the Taoist soap and vinegar rinse.

Why Natural Remedies Work vs Pharmacutical or Chemically Created Drugs

There is a lot of talk about natural methods for helping a condition, as well as pharmaceutical or chemical methods of helping a condition. We feel this topic needs to be understood, if you are to progress in your treatment for hair fall.

Ultimately, we have always used nature to create chemicals that we use in pharmaceutical companies.

So even drugs today, are re-created from nature — and there are many reasons for this — sometimes the ingredients need an extra attribute to be medicinal, but mostly, because of the fact that you cannot put a patient (or trademark) on a herb or natural product — and this is why, you have never seen big studies done on herbs and natural methods — they do exist, except they are secret and are deleted after research is done, and then research is directed towards creating an artificial version of that, to be able to turn it into a business.

Does this mean natural methods are always better?

No — it means they have the potential to be more powerful — because it is the synergy of ingredients in herbs, that create the most powerful medicinal effect, only if used correctly — and this is why you need to carry out a regime, as mentioned above, to get the best results for hair growth, in men, or women.

Top Natural Products you should Stay Away from

Essential Oils: These have been often talked about when it comes to growing more hair, or stopping hair fall. Do not use these, or any product or shampoo that contains these — it will cause inflammation in the scalp — and increase hair loss. All essential oils are a neurotoxin, and long term use will burn out the hair follicles, even when diluted to 0.01%.

Some people may have reported that it helps, but these people did not fully suffer from hair thinning in the first place — and for those people, it can help — but if you already have hair thinning, it means you need to correct that imbalance. Overall, even for people without hair thinning, it is recommended to only use this once every 3–6 months.

Coconut oil: This is often recommended for hair growth but using this too often will cause a negative effect. This oil should only be used once every 2 months — otherwise the drying effect of it will make your condition worse.

Top 3 Hair loss Myths you Should Stay Away from!

  1. DHT causes hair loss — way too many articles talk about DHT, a by product of testosterone. This is not accurate. DHT build-up causes inflammation, which then causes hair falling out of the hair root. This is why DHT shampoos and products don’t work well — if you are doing scalp massage regularly, and using the Taoist soap, you won’t get inflammation as there won’t be DHT build-up and local inflammation will be halted.
  2. Minoxidil stops hair thinning: Not true. This was a drug designed for helping heart patients and it increased the size of blood vessels to prevent patient of having a heart attack. They found that it may help with hair growth on topical application — however after long term use, it stops, and causes more hair loss at very fast speeds — say away from this — it does not help despite what people have said about that.
  3. Propecia/Finasteride for hair: This again, is built to stop hormones in a certain way and is theoretically meant to stop hair loss — again — this is not true — as we said, inflammation is the root cause of hair loss, even if DHT or other hormones affect it, you can still control hair loss with the methods mentioned above — if you stop hormones using these drugs, they will work short term, and mess up your hormone system permanently — so even if you stop taking it, you will find it harder to fix your hormones and have dangerous side effects.

Hair Products that you should Stay away from

There is a over flow of hair loss products to stop hair falling out as well as regrow hair — but very few of them work — the ones listed here are products you should stay away from as they will worsen your condition:

“…DHT Blockers will NOT grow hair…”
  1. Nizoral Treatment: They say it is used to calm inflammation from propecia, but this also proves propecia/finestrate causes inflammation, which further proves, how dangerous these drugs are — they do not affect hair growth positively in the long term — even if some people on forums claim they do — usually those forums, are selling the products itself. So please be very careful.
  2. Androgen Blocking Treatments: There are many products that are sold as proven androgen blocking treatments, and used for preventative methods. If you are already doing the regime talked about above, you would be increasing circulation in the scalp, reducing inflammation, without paying hundreds of dollars per month. S5 cream is one such product to stay away from, and similar androgen blockers — you are better off increasing circulation via direct (scalp massage) and indirect (cardio) methods to remove inflammation and prevent further hair falling out.
  3. DHT blocking Treatments: Products like Revivogen, and other DHT blockers that are sold as preventative products, are a total waste of your money — why? Because DHT is not the cause of hair loss — DHT buildup from lack of circulation, which then causes inflammation is the cause — if you increase circulation, and use the methods of scalp massage, nutrients density and Taoist soap, you will have bypassed the DHT nonsense every hair loss site is talking about to sell you more useless products.
  4. Tricomin Treatments: This is sold as a stimulation product — the most useless product of them all — we had to mention it, as there is little good information on this out there, and many people end up wasting their money to try it out.
  5. Kourosh Treatments: Again, one of the treatments that tackle DHT blocking. They have since removed this in some forums who talked about it, possibly due to another product taking its place — please do not buy.
  6. Laser Comb: This has been known for many years, even featured in movies like Anger Management — yes, you guessed, it does not work. It was said to stimulate hair, because it may warm the region, which has been blocked and calcified from lack of circulation — you can simply do scalp massage daily and get 10000% more circulation and inflammation reduction.
  7. Ketoconazole-based Shampoo Treatments: Again, like Regenepure and Nizoral, sold for DHT related markets — but as we have already pointed out many times in this article, DHT blockers will NOT grow hair, nor will they directly stop inflammation as the source that feeds inflammation is sugar, fat and carbohydrates.

Artificial Hair Thickening Products — Risk Analysis

Yes, there are products that you simply apply on the hair, and they immediately make your hair appear thicker but be warned:

Products like Toppik and Couvre are commonly used for this purposes — but if you are serious about stopping the progression of hair loss, then you must understand that even artificial enhancers will cause some amount of inflammation in the scalp — and will increase the amount of hair falling out of your scalp — so you can still use this, but do not use as a daily thing — perhaps on special occasions — but regular use of artificial enhancers like Toppik and Couvre, will increase progression of hairline receding.

Summary Video on Treatment:


You have to try to do all the above as a remedy regime for hair fall to grow new hair growth and stop further progress of hair receding — many people think it is okay to leave one or two options out, but this will not get you the best results, and your situation can get worse.

You should also ask a doctor to check you, incase your hair fall reason is something more serious — if it is not serious, then the above remedies can help you gain new hair growth, and stop hair fall in roughly 2 weeks with 100% certainty.

Once you reach your desired level of hair thickness and stopping hair fall, you can stop doing any of the methods above, and continue as normal — but you should be careful on not consuming high sugar diets or high fat diets — these diets kill hair cells and can increase hair fall rate in just 24 hours — so be very careful when eating such foods.