Nioxin System 4 Reviews — Which System Works?

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As you can see in the chart, the top products used for hair thickening — Nioxin system 4 reviews from people who have used the system were added to the chart here — and the same for the other hair thickening products listed.

Each product, including the Nioxin System 4, was reviewed using the following criteria:

- Feedback and Reviews from Users who have used it for at least 90 days and reported their results.

- Feedback and Review from Harvard Research Scientists who reported the effectiveness in each ingredient of each hair growth product.

- Secondary Science data to match the effectiveness of each ingredient in past studies done and scrutinizing each shampoo and product to see what works best.

What was the best product overall that produced actual Results?

The best product rated was called “ Taoist Soap” and “ Immortal’s Oil” — as they both proved to have a lot of backing from the scientific community as well as the users who reported their results also had positive results to report.

The Taoist soap is actually a soap bar designed for applying on the scalp — and the Immortal’s Oil is a light and textured oil that adds life back to your hair when massaged in the scalp (not the hair itself).

These treatments are effective for men and women equally.

But, is a shampoo or hair product enough for helping with better hair growth or regrowth of hair?

You have to understand that the body gives you what you put in and how you treat it — if you eat high amounts of sugars, this will only make your hair problems worse — as hair and sugar simply don’t go well.


Because sugar will increase inflammation in the body (you don’t feel internal inflammation, so you won’t know) — and this inflammation is what burns off the hair follicles and either produces thinner and thinner hair over time, or no hair at all (usually for men, this is often the case).

So reducing sugar drastically and increasing daily exercise will dramatically help your hair — whilst using one of the top products listed on the chart, it will only double the power of results that you get.

Does Nioxin System 4 work at all?

The nioxin systems 4 and all the other systems were found to just contain a bunch of various vitamins and minerals in various amounts — this does not help hair growth or thicken hair or anything of that matter. The ingredients were found to be inconsistently present in different bottles.

The people that did report any results, said that it was only temporary and went away right after using it. This was because the nioxin system artificially inflated the hair shaft for a few hours, but ultimately this damages the hair follicles and over time will cause more hair thinning in the first place.

It is better to be on a good exercise program where you get breathless at least once — and then use either one of the top products listed above (Taoist soap or Immortals Oil) to give your hair a boost in growth and quality. Men and women with thinner hair reported drastic improvement on their hair thickness.