Oils for Hair Growth for Black Hair

There are many oils for hair growth for black hair type, this includes african hair as well as general black hair. This guide is designed to help you pick the one that works the best, and how to get the best results with speed of hair growth, and thickness using natural hair products for black hair, for growth on the scalp/head.

Below is a general chart of the oils for hair growth for black hair, as well as all other race and hair types — we will explain in more detail why these have been chosen for your convenience.

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Many people look for oils for hair growth for black hair, but they don’t understand that human hair, although it may look different, or the color and texture is different, the way to care for it, is actually the same; in terms of hair growth and thickness.

This means that the hair still needs the exact same care that other hair types will need — be it african black hair type, or asian hair type — yes, it is true that external treatment may be different, due to the way hair will behave, such as straightening will be different — but not the factors that improve hair growth and thickness.

Let’s cover the oils we have in the chart above, in relation to oils for hair growth for black hair type — starting from the most common misconception of the oils and their reputation for hair growth.

Immortals oil is the top rated oil for hair growth for black hair type, as well as other hair types — including african hair and caucasian hair types. You can buy this oil directly on their website here: http://www.immortalsoil.com/immortals-oil — they ship worldwide, as long as you order 2 or more bottles (you save on shipping costs, as they do not increase the shipping cost if you order more).

The latest study on Immortal’s oil found that users using the oil, 2ml drops a day, and massaging on the scalp daily, and leaving it in for at least 1–2 hours, found that they had increased hair growth after just 14 days of daily use — the company representative said that daily use is not required, after at least 14 days use, and then once a week maintenance use is needed (until desired level of results are achieved).

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The reason for this is that it has been designed to be used everyday — allowing users to create faster results (thicker hair and faster growth) — most oils, when used everyday, will produce a negative effect on the scalp, as they are either too oily, or too drying (such as the coconut oil) — this is why you sometimes think the oil is helping your hair growth, but then suddenly, it doesn't seem to help anymore.

Immortals oil is the only oil you can use daily, and get results better than any oil — assuming that you are having enough vitamins, nutrients and protein, you should be able to see great results by even using the oil once a week — although it is recommended to use the oil everyday for the first week (after doing a patch test) — and then you can reduce to once a week to maintain.

The oil is similar to the human oil — closest oil that can replicate human oil — which is beneficial for hair growth, managing inflammation, and even reducing inflammation, as well as helping conditions like itchy scalp and eczema — it is highly recommended to buy if you can afford it — it is one of the few natural products that actually work.

Inflammation is the main cause of the hair falling out — including genetic hair loss in men and women — it was believed DHT was causing hair loss, but DHT causes inflammation, which then causes hair loss — so if inflammation is stopped, by oiling, scalp massage, and increasing your nutrient absorption in your diet, then hair loss stops, and regrowth occurs. The time it will take will vary, depending on each body type and genetics, but it will still work towards hair thickening and growth.

For some reason, coconut oil has been touted as the best oil for hair growth, which is actually not true, as the oil causes drying when used too often — although it can help oily scalp conditions, it actually dries more than it moisturizes, which is not a good idea to do regularly, although it can be good for oily hair types.

The best way to get benefit from this oil is to oil your hair once a month with this — more frequency will cause problems for hair growth.

This oil has been targeted for african hair types, but it actually starts off by showing how ignorant they are about hair growth. Hair growth is related to internal structure of the body — and you should be able to use the same types of methods for hair growth for african hair, as well as non-african hair.

Bottom line is, however, this oil may provide some benefits, but does not actually help long term with hair thickening, speed of hair growth for black hair.

There are many types of oils out there that are advertised as hair growth oils for men and women, or even just for certain type of race or hair, such as oils for black hair — but not all work for hair growth, and some are actually very damaging.

Essential Oils: These are the number one damaging oils out there for hair growth. They have been hyped as hair growth oils in many websites (often they sell essential oils, or they are affiliated with essential oils industry). Essential oils were not used for thousands of years like many say, oil extraction methodology was totally different that time — not only that, but today we know that essential oils are a neurotoxin, which is what the burning sensation is, when you try to smell the oils directly, or too close — or even apply a pure drop of the oil — even warning labels are on the oils, about not to use them directly.

The reason for the warning is understandable — but the oils, even when diluted, will cause that burning effect, on hair follicles, at varying levels for different people, and in the long term, will damage hair follicles. Short term use however, can be beneficial only if you know exactly what you are doing, and how much oil is mixed into what ratio, but there is very little information on that — and it is overall best to stay away from such types of oils if you are thinking of helping hair growth.

There are a lot of hair growth serums, which aren’t exactly oils, but sometimes they are, such as the Immortal’s oil, can be classified as a hair growth serum, for hair growth.

Hair growth serums for hair growth can help hair growth — but you again, need to know exactly what you are looking for, and there are a ton of products that are created without any understanding about hair loss, with just popular ingredients and their apparent benefits, without any understanding of how those ingredients, when mixed together, will impact hair growth.

These are not something you need to stay away from, but you just have to know what you are doing — Immortal’s oil, as already explained above, is one of the hair growth serums that can be useful in hair growth.

There are many variables when trying to help hair growth — oils are one factor in hair growth, as they help inflammation, and promote hair growth in various ways as explained in the beginning of this article; but there are other factors which you need to look into, if you want to have the best results.

One main factor is nutrition — many people who suffer from hair growth problems, such as thinning hair, often have a lack of nutrition from amino acids, primarily from red meat, beef.

It has become a culture, that we down talk about beef, and the promotion of vegetarianism, has created many negative views of eating meat — contrary to scientific evidence that exists on animal protein, especially beef.

Beef is the most powerful and fastest absorbing amino acids that can help rebuild hair growth, skin repair and hormone control — if taken properly, and eaten as rare as possible — most people that doctors see, who have hair growth problems, often do not eat much meat, or are vegetarians.

Please note — we are not saying vegetables are bad for you, but instead, when the human body is sick, or not in a healthy state, it is harder for it to heal, when on a vegetarian diet, unless specifically related to meat. We don’t support just one type of eating habit, as every person is different, and requires different custom eating habits, which is fine — but strictly for repair of the body, beef protein goes a long way, especially when it comes to hair.

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