Inspired by “Sleeping by the Mississippi”

With this first photograph, instead of it being in black and white I decided to add a few colors to the smooth surface to allow the train station to stand and change the overall mood of the photograph.

While this photograph it seem to have a sad mood with the station being the empty and dark.

The many contrast of white and gray allow each individual sqaures to stand out from each other.

These are photographs taken by a black and white SLR camera. I decided to take black and white photographs for this assignment because I was trying to replicate the theme of peace and emptiness from “Sleeping by the Mississippi”. Usually with black and white photography it is easier to express a calm mood through a photo. Most of the pictures in “Sleeping by the Mississippi” consisted photographs of empty and ruined space or pictures of a subject being surrounded by negative space with random objects. I think all of my photographed showed the theme of emptiness very well. They all had a lot of unoccupied space which greatly allowed the photograph to have the mood of calm and silent. Overall I personal think my photographs were almost the exact replicate of “Sleeping by the Mississippi” series photo.

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